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Tangeva (Breast Cancer): Help Comes in Unexpected Ways

The Diagnosis:

My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2017, and she is a Breast Cancer survivor. It was a sudden revelation that none of us had anticipated. I have a married sister who has just come for a few days to spend time with us. That is when my mother and sister discussed the lump and informed me about it. Without any delay, we rushed to the doctor for sonography. However, the reports showed no sign of the illness. The doctor recommended us to opt for mammography that would give us more accurate results. The reports showed stage II cancer that had gone unnoticed all these days. The first thought to come to mind was how we would plan the treatment.

We went from one hospital to another looking for the best option available, but the treatment was remarkably expensive, and we could not decide what to do. It was a tough decision because we had to start the therapy as soon as possible. At this point, the hospital card-system was a ray of hope that helped me save my mother. We had to pay a sum of 10,000 INR, and the hospital started the speedy treatment process to heal my mother. To put it across simply, it was nothing less than a boon that I am thankful for.

Treatment Protocol:

Coming to the Chemotherapy sessions, I would also like to point out that traveling for the cycles can not only be an expensive affair but also time-consuming. Thus, it was essential for us to look for an easily accessible hospital. Though we love our mother and wanted her to recover as soon as possible, we realized that traveling daily or even regularly, for that matter, would lead to increased physical Fatigue and Stress for her. In total, my mother took around three to four cycles of Chemotherapy and was later admitted for 45 days for radiation. Though I do not precisely remember the number of radiation sittings, it proved to be more than helpful and cured my mother completely.

The Survival:

Presently, my mother is hale and hearty and a proud Breast Cancer survivor. She took the time to recover from her cancer battle, but she has truly set an example in our family. She is a strong lady who fought bravely and showed us that anything is possible with courage. It was a tough time when she found out that she had stage II cancer, but she took it in her stride, and her aim to heal did not quiver even once. She was very positive about the whole scenario and motivated all of us.

The Comfort of a Close-Knit Family:

My mother suffered from Depression when she was unable to sleep at night and faced excessive Hair loss. Initially, my sister stayed with us and helped my mother. Then, every member of the family joined hands, and we left no stone unturned to create a positive vibe. Right from my father to my brothers and sisters-in-law, everyone supported each other. This is how she became a proud Breast Cancer survivor.

Improved Eating Habits and Quality of Living:

Discussing the lifestyle changes that I have noted in my mother, they are beneficial to not only her but all of us. To begin with, she has increased her consumption of fruits and green vegetables. They are rich sources of vitamins and essential nutrients that the body thrives on. It feels great when a family member is health-driven, and it motivates us to follow her footsteps in the same direction. Though we knew these things even before her diagnosis, we have started incorporating them into our lives only recently. She started taking carrot juice and increased the total liquid intake. We were blessed to be in touch with an exceedingly cordial and positive set of doctors who gave us the strength to fight the deadly battle. I want to reiterate that we would not have been able to win without the excellent treatment that the doctors provided us.

Alternate Therapies and Exercises:

We did not go for Homeopathy or Ayurveda as we did not need it. However, everyone has different suffering, and I would suggest people do what suits their systems the best. My mother has now started going for a morning walk daily. Exercise is crucial for the human body in general. We do not realize that the fresh morning air can do wonders to refresh the system and get rid of toxins. Moreover, brisk walking has several benefits such as improved heart rate, regulated blood pressure levels, and others

Parting Words:

A healthy lifestyle can help you stay away from cancer. In case you are already a fighter, these little things can help you combat the painful chemo session better. I want to educate everyone to create a positive atmosphere for the cancer fighter. He or she is anyway going through a lot, and the last thing they need is any negativity. You must keep smiling and help them pass every hurdle.


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