Shimoga Cancer Treatment – Shri Narayana Murthy

Shimoga, also known as Shivamogga, is a city in the Southwest state of Karnataka famous for Jog Falls, Indias second-highest plunge waterfall. The city is also known for Herbal Oncologist Sri Vaidya Narayana Murthy, an Ayurveda practitioner living in Narasipura village in Shimoga district. In fact, Shri Narayana Murthy has become so famous that his treatment mode is now known as Shimoga Cancer Treatment. According to him, his family has been treating patients for the last 14 generations, and the knowledge is shared from father to son. Mr Murthy treats patients with acute medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney diseases, stroke, etc. using herbal medicines. He uses the roots, bark of trees, and leaves of plants and trees, most of which he takes from a small jungle of 30 acres in his backyard, something that the Murthy family has created through the generations.

For the past 18 years, Mr Murthy has been dispensing medicines every Thursday and Sunday, and people gather in queues outside his home from as early as 5 in the morning to get the medication. He starts seeing patients from as early as 7 in the morning and continues well into the night until every patient is seen to. His medicines are popular not only in the nearby states but have takers from chronic cancer patients across the globe. More than 70% of his visitors are cancer patients who have tasted success after trying his medicine. Most cancer patients come to Mr Murthy as a last resort, after every other allopathic treatment methods have been tried and failed. A few NGOs also provide him with help for his service.

Cause of Cancer according to Mr Murthy

Vaidhya Murthy believes that the main reasons for diseases like cancer are changes in food habits, lifestyle changes, and genetic disorders. He has a unique way of diagnosing an illness. He will ask the patient where they feel the Pain and analyze the area through physical examination. He also uses modern methods such as X-rays and blood tests, to come to a conclusion. His most striking feature is his simplicity and doesnt charge anything from his patients for treating them. He considers his skills as the blessings of his community deity and therefore doesnt seek any publicity or reward for his services. He says that he is able to easily identify a disease and prescribe the correct medicines, not only because of his years of experience but as an effect of the poojas and offerings that he presents to the community deity.

Future of Shimoga Cancer Treatment

Vaidhya Murthy recently passed away due to a heart attack, aged 81, due to a heart attack on June 24, 2020. He is survived by his wife, a son, and four daughters. While his treatment was put on hold due to widespread corona cases in his district, it is unsure whether the treatment will continue after the pandemic situation recedes. The thousands of patients who were dependant upon his treatment are now waiting to receive some confirmation whether his son will resume in his fathers treatment way as their family custom is.

Shimoga Cancer Treatment-Conclusion

Even though significantly less scientific evidence is available about his treatment methods, we cannot ignore the long queues formed in his house every Thursday and Sunday. Like other forms of alternative therapies, the majority approached Mr Murthy only once every other hope was diminished. Yet, many patients claim to have got cured or prolonged their life with an improvement in their quality of life.


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