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MediZen Breast Onco Care | Enhanced Breast Cancer Support | Boost Immunity & Strength | 30 Tablets

MediZen Breast Onco Care | Enhanced Breast Cancer Support | Boost Immunity & Strength | 30 Tablets

MediZen Breast Onco Care: Targeted Support for Breast Cancer

4.8 (20)
Quantity: 30 Tablets
  • Cancer-specific Medicine
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Side effect management
MRP: 4999


MediZen Breast Onco Care is a 1000mg supplement specifically developed for breast cancer support. It emphasizes:

  1. Breast Cancer-Specific Formulation: Created to address the distinct requirements and challenges of breast cancer patients.
  2. 1000mg High-Dosage: Ensures a potent mix of active components for optimal support.
  3. Natural Ingredients: Contains herbs and compounds recognized for their potential benefits in breast health and cancer care.
  4. Complementary to Standard Treatments: Works alongside traditional breast cancer treatments, enhancing efficacy and minimizing side effects.
  5. Holistic Health Approach: Aims at improving overall well-being in the complex sphere of breast cancer care.

Selecting MediZen Breast Onco Care means opting for a targeted, high-quality supplement designed to support the specific health needs of breast cancer patients, enhancing their treatment journey and overall health.

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MediZen Breast Onco Care Benefits

Breast Cancer Support

Specially formulated for breast cancer patients during and after treatment


  • Consume 1-3 tablets daily after meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


  • Kachanar guggulu (Whole plant): Aids in breast cancer care with lymphatic support


AYUSH Approved

Why Choose MediZen Breast Onco Care?

  1. Breast Cancer-Specific Formulation: Crafted to meet the distinct needs of breast cancer patients, emphasizing symptom management and overall health.
  2. High-Dosage Impact: The 1000mg dosage ensures potent and effective support.
  3. Blend of Cancer-Fighting Ingredients: A mix of natural substances known for their potential benefits in breast cancer care.
  4. AYUSH and FSSAI Certified: Manufactured under strict quality guidelines, ensuring safety and effectiveness.
  5. Tablet Convenience: Designed for easy integration into daily routines, enhancing adherence and effectiveness.
  6. Holistic Health Enhancement: Aims to improve overall well-being, recognizing the complexity of breast cancer care.
  7. Endorsed by Health Experts: Recommended by medical professionals for effective breast cancer support.

Clinical research on Breast Cancer Ayurveda


Ratings & Reviews


20 review

30th Nov, -0001
Overall a good choice for breast cancer patients
30th Nov, -0001
No side effects when taking along with allopathic medicines
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