ZenOnco.io: Comprehensive Integrative Oncology cancer care

We guide you across all phases of your cancer journey...

1: Cancer symptoms

Consult a general practitioner for cancer symptoms.

2: Diagnostic tests

Perform diagnositic tests to detect cancer.

3: Oncologist consultation

Consult an oncologist if cancer is detected, and follow appropriate medical treatment.

4: Integrative Oncology

Increase clinical efficacy and reduce side effects of medical treatment through integrative oncology.

5: Cancer-free

Become cancer-free and help the community.

...to improve your quality of life and extend life, where possible.

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ZenOnco.io Protocol:
Medical Treatment + 5 Wellness Practices

Research shows that cancer patients who opted for Integrative Oncology lived longer and were 33% more likely to be alive at 5 years than cancer patients getting standard treatment alone.

We are India’s first integrative oncology cancer care center. We work along with oncologists to complete your cancer treatment by providing personalized nutrition, fitness and psychology programs based on your phase of treatment. We work across all phases of cancer treatment: Preventive, prehab, cure, rehab, recurrence prevention and palliative.

ZenOnco.io: Comprehensive Integrative Oncology cancer care

Search for an experienced oncologist specific to your cancer profile.

Receive comprehensive Integrative Oncology treatment (Medical + Complementary).

Connect with other patients, survivors, caregivers, doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Read more about your cancer type.

Comprehensive Integrative Oncology cancer care to complete your treatment.

Experience of counseling 1,000+ patients till now.

Protocols based on research by esteemed organizations like Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, John Hopkins, Keith Block, etc.

Comprehensive protocol covering all aspects of lifestyle management.

Improve quality of life and extend life, where possible.

Connect with our team of onco-experts to know more.

An Integrative Oncology solution to improve quality
of life and extend life for cancer patients.

ZenOnco.io Orientation Video

Our Founders Dimple and Kishan explain about a New Model of Integrative Oncology Treatment.
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Complete healthcare package

We provide a range of services based on your phase of treatment: preventive, prehab, curative, rehab, recurrence prevention, and palliative.

Evidence-based therapies

Our therapies are developed by experienced healthcare professionals, and are adequately backed by evidence of success.

Widely accessible

We maximize convenience to you by providing our services at multiple locations: At our centers, at your home, or online.

24x7 support

We make ourselves available 24×7 to address any urgent need that you may have.

Strong team and partners

We have a strong team of 50+ healthcare professionals, and are affiliated with global leaders in Integrative Cancer Care: BCCT, Commonweal, etc.

Community support

We facilitate exchange of feelings, emotions, cancer treatment experiences, and best practices by building a community of cancer patients and healthcare professionals.

Our Impact

Patients Counseled
Healing Circles Organised
Awareness Sessions Organized
Lives Touched

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