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  1. You get a dedicated cancer coach to answers all your questions & connect with other experts
  2. Anti Cancer Diet expert gives cancer-fighting meal planner along with supplements rich in anti-oxidants
  3. Medical Cannabis expert advises on medical cannabis dosages to improve clinical outcomes and reduce pain
  4. Ayurveda expert advises on herbs to increase body’s immunity and strength
  5. Ask questions to cancer experts and get scientific replies within 1 hour
  6. Connect with 50,000+ cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers & listen to their success stories live

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  • Manage pain, vomit, sleep etc
  • Reduce chances of recurrence
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ZenOnco Cancer Care App helps you complete your cancer journey

Give yourself the next level of cancer care

ZenOnco Cancer Care App helps you complete your cancer journey

  • Ask questions to experts and get scientific replies within 1 hour
  • Connect with cancer survivors & listen to their success stories live
  • Cancer fighting meal planner with anti-oxidants and immunity-boosting foods
  • Track your activities and get reminders for medicine & activities
  • 100+ wellness activities to boost immunity & willpower
  • Buy supplements to improve treatment and reduce side effects
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From losing husband to cancer
to saving lives from cancer

From losing husband to cancer <br> to saving lives from cancer

exclamation Our journey started in 2018 when our founder Dimple Parmar lost her husband and IIM Calcutta batchmate Nitesh to cancer. After losing Nitesh, she founded a Section 80G Registered NGO called Love Heals Cancer in March 2018 to serve cancer patients. Kishan Shah was volunteering there along with working at J.P. Morgan as an investment banker, and then later at GIC Private Equity. They both realized the huge void that existed in the cancer care ecosystem, and the need for a scalable and sustainable solution to cater to the increasing number of patients. In November 2019, they founded, World’s First Integrative Oncology cancer care healthtech platform, to be able to cater to millions of cancer patients exclamation

Dimple Parmar & Kishan Shah
About Us

Best Cancer Treatment in India

After losing a loved one to cancer, committed caregivers Dimple Parmar and Kishan Shah launched, India’s first Integrative Oncology centre. While Dimple’s husband died of illness, Kishan witnessed first-hand the suffering of people living with cancer. They understand the suffering cancer patients and their caregivers go through while they combat the disease. is their dream to provide the best cancer treatment in India and positively touch the lives of many cancer patients.

Cancer treatment in India includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, ayurveda, supplements, medical cannabis, ozone.

Cancer treatment cost in India is a severe concern for many patients and caregivers.’s Integrative Oncology is dedicated to providing high-quality cancer diagnosis and treatment in a very reasonable manner.

At, integrative oncology is a tailored, patient-centered, evidence-based cancer care protocol. We are pioneers in providing the best cancer treatment in India. We cater to the best medical and complementary treatment protocols. focuses on all aspects of a patient’s health, including physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being, to provide holistic care with a patient-centered approach. As a result of this individualized care, the treatment outcome is generally improved. Our cancer healing journeys and survivor stories aim to motivate and encourage people to break the stigma of cancer and be open about it. We try to treat cancer as a curable disease that can be fought with discipline and determination.

Zen Integrative Oncology Protocol revolves around our seven pillars of integrative medicines, medical treatment, anti-cancer diet, physical fitness, emotional wellness, healing environment, and community support that can run in parallel with your conventional treatment to manage cancer and help your body regain its strength in a holistic manner. provides the best cancer treatment in Bangalore too. We aim to improve the patient’s durability to receive assertive cancer treatment by boosting the overall well-being with proper nutrition, Ayurveda, immune system stimulation, disease-specific alternative therapies, anti-cancer diets, individual and family emotional counseling, and other methods to ensure that effective cancer treatment is delivered without disruptions or interruptions.