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ZenOnco.io is India’s First Integrative Oncology Cancer Center

ZenOnco is India’s first Integrative Oncology centre, founded by committed caregivers Dimple Parmar and Kishan Shah after they lost their loved one to cancer. While Dimple lost her husband to cancer, Kishan saw the suffering of cancer patients first-hand. They know the pain that cancer patients and their caregivers go through in the journey of fighting against cancer. Their journey transformed their lives and gave them a purpose to serve cancer patients.

In their journey, doctors and scientists identified a gap in today’s healthcare system that lacks integrative oncology cancer care approaches. While many organizations address part of the offering, nobody offers comprehensive integrative healing approaches in an affordable and accessible manner. Dimple and Kishan founded an NGO called Love Heals Cancer in March 2018 and India’s first Integrative Oncology centre ZenOnco, in November 2019 to bridge this gap, along with doctors and scientists, by providing an integrative solution to heal cancer using scientific evidence-based therapies.

Research shows that cancer patients who opted for Integrative Oncology lived longer & were 33% more likely to be alive at five years than patients getting standard treatment alone. ZenOnco.io works with doctors and scientists and offers evidence-based Integrative Oncology services to provide a complete healthcare solution to cancer patients. Simply put, they work with doctors and provide emotional counselling, nutritional support and fitness workshops for the holistic healing of cancer patients. They also organize camps, workshops, and events on soft healing like healing circles, cancer retreats, caregiver education, end-of-life conversation, etc. They also organize support group activities for cancer patients, their caregivers and survivors to help each other in the journey. They also create an open-source cancer encyclopedia in multi-lingual and multi-modal formats to spread cancer awareness.

They aim to improve the quality of life and extend life for cancer patients and their caregivers. Till now, Dimple and Kishan, along with their team, have touched 7,000+ lives, counselled 1,000+ patients, and organized 100+ events.

Kishan: Tell us a little bit about your background. I serve cancer patients. Though I initially started my journey in finance, I eventually moved to serve cancer patients after looking at the pain and suffering most cancer patients go through. Suppose I could make a difference in people’s lives by dedicating myself to it; why not. That’s how I founded ZenOnco.io and Love Heals Cancer with my partner, Dimple Parmar.

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