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Part 1: Journey From Diagnosis To Cancer Treatment

Part 1: Journey From Diagnosis To Cancer Treatment

How I met Nitesh

The first time I met Nitesh at IIM Calcutta left an indelible mark on my heart. It was during the IIM Network Meet that he presented his start-up, Apetti. At that moment, his charisma completely captivated me. Among all of us, he stood out as a seasoned entrepreneur, inspiring me in my own entrepreneurial aspirations.

At first, Nitesh seemed reserved, but as we conversed, I discovered the layers of his life's journey. He graciously welcomed me into his world, sharing both the triumphs and challenges that shaped his path from IIT Kanpur to creating his start-up. The more he opened up, the more I deeply admired his unwavering resilience, sharp wit, and captivating life story. I felt a strong connection to his journey and was eager to provide my support in any way I could. These were humbling and emotional moments that brought us closer together.

As our conversation grew more intimate, we began sharing personal stories, dreams, and the challenges we faced. Despite our recent acquaintance, Nitesh spoke with genuine sincerity, opening up effortlessly. His authenticity and passion for what he believed in resonated deeply with me, making it clear that our meeting was not a mere coincidence but the beginning of something profoundly impactful in my life.

That encounter filled me with immense gratitude as I recognized the preciousness of human connection. It ignited a powerful flame inside me, reigniting my passion and determination to pursue my own dreams with renewed fervour. It was a moment to be cherished, an inspiration that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Coming together and getting to know him

After attending a live event organized by an alumnus and singer from IIM-C, I felt a stronger bond with my batchmates. Among them, Nitesh stood out as a remarkable young entrepreneur, capturing my attention. Our shared engineering background and dreams of entrepreneurship created a special connection between us. Nitesh's achievements at such a young age painted a picture of fulfilment and happiness in my mind. However, when we finally met, I discovered a different side of him - reserved, introspective, and not as socially outgoing as I had initially imagined. This intrigued me deeply and sparked a profound curiosity about his true character. It was a humbling and emotional experience that made me realize there was much more to Nitesh than met the eye.

Despite being soft-spoken, Nitesh had a way of drawing me into heartfelt conversations. As we spoke, he opened up about the complexities of his life journey, sharing the transformative moments he experienced at IIT Kanpur and his ambitious start-up idea. It was awe-inspiring to learn that despite coming from a humble background, Nitesh had navigated life with intelligence, unwavering determination, and an entrepreneurial spirit, creating something truly remarkable. His resilience captivated me and touched my heart, igniting a strong desire to support him in any way I could. These were humble and emotional moments that left a lasting impression on me.

As our conversation deepened, we exchanged pieces of our past, sharing the experiences that had shaped us and our dreams for the future. A natural camaraderie developed between us, grounded in mutual respect and understanding. In this exchange, I couldn't help but admire Nitesh, a living embodiment of capability and strength, a testament to unwavering determination and perseverance.

As our conversation grew more profound, we opened up about our pasts, sharing the experiences that had moulded us and our hopes for the future. A genuine bond formed between us based on deep respect and understanding. In this exchange, I couldn't help but be in awe of Nitesh. He embodied remarkable capability and strength, a living example of unwavering determination and resilience. It was a truly humbling and emotional experience to witness his journey and be inspired by his unwavering spirit.

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