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We are a team of cancer coaches dedicated to guide cancer patients and their caregivers

Improving quality of life and extending life, wherever possible

Our Journey

Our journey started in 2018 when our founder Dimple Parmar lost her husband and IIM Calcutta batchmate Nitesh to cancer. After losing Nitesh, she founded a Section 80G Registered NGO called Love Heals Cancer in March 2018 to serve cancer patients. Kishan Shah was volunteering there along with working at J.P. Morgan as an investment banker, and then later at GIC Private Equity. They both realized the huge void that existed in the cancer care ecosystem, and the need for a scalable and sustainable solution to cater to the increasing number of patients. In November 2019, they founded ZenOnco.io, World’s First Integrative Oncology cancer care healthtech platform, to be able to cater to millions of cancer patients.


How we guide patients:

We provide end-to-end care to cancer patients regarding both medical (surgery, chemo, radiation, advanced treatment) as well as complementary treatment (eg, Anti Cancer Diet, Medical Cannabis, Ayurveda, etc) to improve their quality of life and increase chances of cure.

We educate and empower patients and their caregivers, plan their treatment roadmap, standardize service providers, facilitate treatment for last-mile care delivery, connect with other survivors, and do regular follow-ups. We are leveraging technology to do this in a scalable manner. For instance, we were recognized at ESMO for launching the World’s first tool to generate free directional Integrative Oncology treatment reports (ZIOPAR). We have also recently launched a community platform to connect cancer patients, survivors & caregivers (akin to Quora for Integrative Oncology).

The cancer journey itself is long and complicated - we aspire to be a constant companion throughout this journey for any need and requirement to extend life and improve quality of life. We help with:

  • Medical treatment: Identifying which oncologist to meet, validating treatment opinions, getting high-quality affordable diagnostic tests, searching for best available hospitals (from least-cost to best-facility to most-optimal), helping patients take the treatment, post-treatment rehabilitation
  • Complementary treatment: Helping with side effects & symptoms management through scientific evidence-based protocols involving Medical Cannabis, Ayurveda, Anti cancer diet, Oxygen therapy, etc

About Integrative Oncology:

Integrative Oncology is defined as:

“Integrative oncology is a patient-centered, evidence-informed field of cancer care that utilizes mind and body practices, natural products, and/or lifestyle modifications from different traditions alongside conventional cancer treatments. Integrative oncology aims to optimize health, quality of life, and clinical outcomes across the cancer care continuum and to empower people to prevent cancer and become active participants before, during, and beyond cancer treatment.”

Key benefits of Integrative Oncology includes:

  • Improve clinical outcome and quality of life
  • Improve body’s immunity & strength
  • Managing side effects & symptoms
  • Reduce treatment toxicity & side effects
  • Reduce chances of cancer relapse

More information can be found here: https://zenonco.io/integrative-oncology


Few important resources:

You can find few important links here - this includes list of oncologists, dietitian connect, medical cannabis, AI-based treatment report, cancer survivor stories: https://linktr.ee/zenoncoio

We understand that it is very easy to get lost in this whole new world of cancer. Our dedicated team of cancer coaches shall be your constant companions to help you navigate through this entire cancer journey, and shall provide all the comfort that you may need. You can connect with our cancer coaches by calling or sending WhatsApp at +919930709000.

Wishing you good health always.

Launched World's First Artificial Intelligence-based tool to generate directional cancer treatment reports free of cost

  • Receive free detailed report
  • Guidance on treatment, diagnostic tests & side effects
  • Improve quality of life
  • Based on international guidelines and research papers


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Shubhrika Sharma


ZenOnco.io is a gem. They guided us for the best treatment at the cheapest rate. They replied to each and every query we had. It was a real blessing to contact them. Every time I spoke to its patient counsellors, I felt a sense of relief and confidence. I don't know how to thank them. It cannot be... Read More

Neel Solanki


ZenOnco is one of the best online platforms available for cancer care today. We have really benefited from their extensive cancer care assistance. Dr Shweta has helped my family member with right cancer treatment and has been always available for any kind of assistance for our treatment... Read More

Creative Visions


ZenOnco is a very good platform for all kind of cancer care requirements. The whole team is working very hard for betterment of cancer care around us. Mr. Vijay is an outstanding patient counsellor, He has been helping the patients and the family members in a very detailed and professional... Read More

Mohammad Rizwan


ZenOnco is one of the best online platforms available for cancer care today. They provide platform for all kind of cancer care requirements. The whole team, specially Dr Shweta Gehlot, is working very hard for betterment of pateint.I will always recommend Zenonco for Cancer Treatment.

Bhavna Sharma


Zenonco is a very good platform for cancer patients. They are doing God's work of guiding cancer patients. Their counsellors are very good who guide you about what to do in cancer. Counsellor Vijay Joshi guided us very well for the treatment. The services of Zenonco are very helpful and natural... Read More

brijesh patel


ZenOnco has dedicated team of cancer care specialists providing excellent counselling and patient assistance. Dr. Shweta is a very good patient counsellor and has helped with our cancer care needs. Thanks and keep up the good work.

khushi solanki


ZenOnco is very good cancer care team specially Dr Shweta who helped our family member with right treatment. Dr Shweta and team are always helpful and available for help and guidance. God Bless

Nams Solanki


It was a wonderful experience to deal with ZenOnco team ,does very professional and provide great assistance for cancer care I have benefited a lot from the services in highly recommended ZenOnco and Dr Shweta who is an exceptional patient Counsellor. great company and team for cancer care... Read More

Rajesh G


My wife, Ranjana Dhingra was having symptoms of GIST tumor in the month of September. We contacted ZenOnco.io. They guided us to meet the right oncologist, as per my wife? case. They connected us with Dr Shona Nag in Sahyadri Hospital, Pune. We are very much satisfied with the treatment and... Read More

Anagha Nair


Zenonco.io is doing a really great work by helping out the cancer patients. Their counsellor really understand our problems and gave guidance in each and every problem of mine. I would highly recommend the services of Zenonco to other patient's as well

Founded by two committed
Cancer caregivers


Dimple Parmar

Founder and CEO,

IIM Calcutta, Training in Integrative Oncology


Kishan Shah

Founder and CFO,

IIM Calcutta, CA, CFA, FRM, CAIA