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Prakshi Saraswat (Endometrial Cancer Survivor): A Journey of Strength and Resilience

Prakshi Saraswat (Endometrial Cancer Survivor): A Journey of Strength and Resilience

Prakshi Saraswat's inspiring story showcases her courage in battling endometrial cancer. This blog explores her journey, emphasizing the importance of early detection, open discussions about gynaecological health, and her incredible determination.


Prakshi faced heavy bleeding and spotting for two years. Doctors dismissed it as hormonal changes, but her worsening symptoms and anaemia made her realize something was wrong.

In August 2020, Prakshi's condition worsened with intense bleeding, fatigue, and discomfort. Medical tests revealed an abnormally thick uterus lining and a small fibroid. Initially, a minor procedure was planned, but it was delayed due to Prakshi contracting COVID-19.

After recovering from COVID-19, she had a hysteroscopy, and the biopsy revealed endometrial cancer. The diagnosis shocked her as well as the doctors, as this cancer is usually found in older individuals.

Seeking Validation and Making Decisions:

Prakshi sought confirmation from multiple hospitals, and experts, and even consulted radiologists in London, all of whom were shocked that someone so young could be afflicted with endometrial cancer. They recommended removing her uterus to prevent cancer recurrence. She found comfort and support from her family, doctors, and staff of the Max Healthcare Institute.

The Treatment:

On December 28, 2020, Prakshi underwent a radical hysterectomy, removing her uterus and ovaries to eliminate any cancer remnants. Post-surgery tests confirmed the success of the treatment in eradicating cancerous cells.

Prakshi sometimes faces the side effects of treatment including joint pain and mood swings. But, she remains determined to embrace life, grateful for her parent's unwavering support and cherishing each moment as a precious gift.

Instead of constantly wondering why it happened to her, she faced it with strength and positivity. Seeing other patients stay strong in the hospital inspired her. She found solace and unwavering support from her loving parents, who stood by her side throughout the entire journey.

Learnings and Coping Strategies:

Prakshi learned important lessons from her experience and wants to share them. She encourages women to prioritize their health, openly talk about gynaecological issues, and get regular check-ups. Joining a support group helped her cope, even though she couldn't find an Indian group specifically for her situation. So, she created "Bol Sakhi" (Speak Up, Friend), a platform where people can share their experiences and raise awareness about gynaecological issues.

Prakshi's positive outlook and determination to empower others are the cornerstones of her coping mechanism. She appreciates her strength and the resilience she discovered within herself. By sharing her story, she hopes to inspire and support other women who find themselves on a similar journey.

Dealing with the Present and Embracing Life:

Prakshi has overcome the fear of cancer coming back by starting to live each day to the fullest and appreciating even the small joys of life. Although she has to deal with side effects like mood swings and hot flashes, she faces them with self-care, support, and a positive attitude. Through self-care practices, a strong support system, and a positive mindset, she continues to embrace life and remain resilient in the face of adversity.

Prakshi's story is about finding strength, and resilience, and making a positive impact despite facing tough times. She shows that even in difficult situations, one can find courage and create a meaningful life on their terms.

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