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Rebecca Durance Hine (Breast Cancer): Trust in Yourself

Rebecca Durance Hine (Breast Cancer): Trust in Yourself

I didn't know how to do a proper self-examination, but I used to examine my breast to understand how it usually feels. One day, while I was in the shower, I found a lump in my left breast.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I am one of those people who go to the doctor for every little thing, so I consulted a doctor. I underwent an ultrasound, and the doctor found something unusual, so I underwent a mammogram.

A week later, the reports came, and it was all okay, but the doctor asked me for a Biopsy. I got my biopsy done and learned that it was invasive ductal carcinoma, Her-positive breast Cancer. I was all alone when I got this news, and I feel it was a good thing at some level because I got the time to cut off from everything and sit with myself and not take anyone else's reaction. I was only 28 years old, and all my genetic testing was negative.

I told my partner everything, and it was a weird feeling that he wasn't yet aware of the breast cancer. I went home and told him that it was breast cancer. I apologized to him because he had to go through that with me, and he said he would always be with me without feeling guilty for loving me.

He was terrific; he never complained or made me feel like I had cancer. Later, I disclosed this news to my family, and everyone was shocked, but they quickly came out of it and said we would fight it.

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Breast Cancer Treatment

I chose to take an integrative approach. It was stage 1 breast cancer, so the doctor decided to do a lumpectomy. I took alternative treatment along with conventional treatment. I like learning and researching, so I started reading and watching everything I could find on Breast Cancer. After researching and consulting various doctors, I underwent chemotherapy sessions for a year. Going for an integrative approach gave me more confidence in my health and treatment.

One of the chemotherapies was very tough to handle. My heartbeat was rising, and I was so weak and tired. I also had mental and emotional side effects. Those were the moments where the family support came in.

My job was flexible, so it was easy for me to work online or take a pause sometimes. Gradually, after some months, I started working regularly. Everyone I was surrounded with was very supportive. My family also helped me a lot. I was brought closer to my partner, mother, stepfather, sister, and in-laws. Everyone was so supportive; I would not have to endure this without them.

Lifestyle changes

I used to have candies, muffins, or cookies almost every day, but after cancer, the foremost thing I did was cut off sugar from my diet. I also cut off dairy products and processed or refined grains. I started meditating to be more stress-free. I did everything I could find on my excellent health, including detoxing.

Cancer has been an incredible life-changing experience. I got very much involved in my healing. We live in a society where everyone is in a rush and feel guilty about taking a break to take care of themselves, but I was able to take a break and care for myself. It would be best to take that break to give your body a space to heal.

When I had the reports saying that I was cancer-free, I felt like some heaviness had just been shed, and there was a lot of relaxation.

I am now very involved with my physical, mental, and emotional health. I connected with myself, and the universe guided me on my journey. I started a blog and cancer community on Facebook, which brought so much positivity and meaning to my cancer experience and to help people suffering from cancer. I also talk about detoxing, diet, and personal growth in the face of The Big C.

Parting Message

It's essential to be an active patient, ask questions, and explore more if something doesn't feel right. The doctors should understand the patient's situation and encourage them to do things that make them confident. Understand yourself, develop a connection with yourself, and trust in yourself.

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