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Madhu Lakhani (Breast Cancer): You Can Get Through This

Madhu Lakhani (Breast Cancer): You Can Get Through This

I had problems with my breasts for almost eight years. I used to have constant itching and infections. I took a lot of treatments, but I never got to know the exact diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

After almost eight years, I consulted a doctor who asked me for aBiopsy. Only after having myBiopsydone did we realise that I was suffering fromBreast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment

I had a mastectomy and six Chemotherapy sessions, followed byRadiation therapy. I started doingYogaand Pranayama. I used to care for my diet; I never ate outside food and only ate homemade food during my treatment. I used to feel so hot and hadPainin my legs and constant headaches. I used to be very depressed in the four days afterChemotherapyand wanted someone near me during those days.

Initially, I got scared and thought I would not survive, but thanks to my doctor and Ms. Anuradha Saxena, who helped me a lot, sometimes even at 2 a.m., I successfully encounteredBreast Cancer. They supported me to the extent that I never felt I hadBreast Cancer. They used to talk to me for hours to make me feel better. My family, daughter, and husband were always my pillar of strength. I would say that my daughter became a second doctor because she used to take care of me in every way. My husband used to stay awake the whole night to support me. Thinking about my children and that I needed to fight for them kept me going. Connecting to other cancer patients also motivated me because if they have been through so much and come out of it, I can, too.

I love cooking, so after 4-5 days of Chemotherapy, I used to cook everything I liked. I also started enjoying playing ludo and used to play ludo with my maid for 4-5 hours. I also loved doing Bhajan and Kirtan and dedicated much of my time.

After I became cancer-free, I joined the NGO Sangini and was inspired by other cancer survivors leading their everyday lives.

It's been seven years since myBreast Cancer Treatmentended, and I am lovely now. I believe that if you have willpower, then you can come out of anything. You will get negative people in every step of life, but you must focus on the positive people. We have to be kind and help others in whichever way we can. I feel that negativity completely vanishes after you survive cancer.

Parting Message

Have strong willpower; don't fear anything because you can get through everything. Stay positive and follow your passion.

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