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Interview with Dr. Majid Talikoti

Interview with Dr. Majid Talikoti

He completed his M.B.B.S and M.S from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science. He pursued his surgical oncology from IRCH, AIIMS, and advance surgical oncology training from National Cancer Centre, Japan. He has been a part of numerous publications and research. In his career of over a decade, he has received many awards. His mission is to make cancer awareness and treatment a tool to prevent cancer in society. 

Why is early detection of Cancer essential? 

Cancer is a deadly disease. Every year 15 lakhs of people are diagnosed with cancer and out of which ten lakhs of patients leave us. This shows that out of every two patients, one dies.

So why does this happen? 

This is because of a lack of awareness. Cancer is a curable and preventive disease. Even if the patient comes at the last or terminal stage, we can make their life easy by reducing the pain. 

Why is the death rate so high? 

In stage 1, nearly 100% cure. Then in stage 2, almost 80% cure. In stage 3, around 60% cure, and in stage 4, nearly 20% cure. 

  • This happens because of a lack of awareness. People do not usually come to the doctor at stage 1. They would not do not know much about the symptoms and cancer. If they get to see, they get their biopsy and surgery done. Also, there is a misconception that after surgery, the tumor spreads even faster. 
  • When the patient knew about the surgery, they ran away because they learned from nonqualified doctors that cancer is not curable. Cancer at stage 1 then gets to stage 2. Patients who are religious even try religious methods instead of actual treatment. By that time, cancer progressed to stage 3. So the curability percentage moves from 100% to 40%.

This is the main reason for the increased death rate. This can be stopped if the patient goes for earlier treatment

Therefore identifying cancer and reaching out on time is very important. 

What are some early signs of gastric cancer that one should be taken care of?

By the time symptoms appear, cancer might have already spread. Symptoms that occur in different Cancer include:

  •  When someone starts having problems swallowing food items or liquid, it can be Esophageal Cancer.
  •  When you feel like vomiting, and constipated they can be symptoms of Colon Cancer. 
  • In oral cancer, a white or red patch in the mouth can turn into an ulcer. 
  • When you cannot talk or start speaking very low, it can be vocal cord cancer. 
  • When a lump starts growing in the Breast and fluid comes out of the nipple, it is Breast Cancer. 
  • When you cough and the blood comes out, it is lung cancer. 
  • Bleeding from the nose is Nasal Cancer. 
  • Bleeding from urine is kidney Cancer. 
  • Losing weight, blood in vomit and lack of appetite can be due to Stomach Cancer. 
  • Jaundice can be a sign of Liver Cancer. 

These are symptoms of different Cancers. Whenever you feel these symptoms, consult the doctor immediately. 

What role do genes play in the detection of Breast Cancer? 

Breast Cancer emerges because of hormones. There are 5-10% chances that genes play an essential role in Breast Cancer. If your family has a history, you should get an ultrasound test every month or an MRI every year. You should not panic. Even if the symptoms are the same or have happened in your family, it doesn't mean that you have Breast Cancer. 

Can you put some light on the oncoplastic procedure which is performed? 

Oncoplastic surgery is an evolving field in breast surgery, combining the strengths of breast surgical oncology with plastic surgery. It provides the surgeon ability to excise large areas of the breast in the oncologic resection without compromising and possibly improving its aesthetic appearance. The purpose of this review is to provide a guide that could help a breast surgeon excise breast cancer in most areas of the breast using oncoplastic techniques. These techniques would be used depending primarily on the location of cancer in the breast and on the size of the tumor.

  • The lump will be removed from the breast, and still, the breast will be looking the same. 
  • They use tissues or muscles from other parts of the body and fill up the breast area. Thus, it looks like a normal breast. 
  • There are silicon materials available that feel soft and simulate Breast. 

How do you ask your oral cancer patients to give up on their habits? 

  • Reduce the intake.
  • Stay away from friends who take tobacco. Try not to go to that shop which sells tobacco. 
  • Tobacco has 700 ingredients, out of which 100 or more cause cancer. You should know what you are eating and what are the consequences of it. 
  • Talk to good people. Stay in a healthy environment. 
  • Make your mindset and work on it. Let yourself stay away from taking these things. For example- you left it for one month and took it today, leave it for the next two months and then gradually leave it altogether. 

What are the steps taken in spreading awareness in rural areas? 

In rural areas, there are so many gatherings. During gatherings, we can do some skits or plays to spread awareness among people about how tobacco causes death and when you should go and consult a doctor if you feel the cancer symptoms. 

Media plays an essential role in providing awareness as well. The media should not show just the death of cancer patients. The media should also talk about the people who are recovering from cancer.

Also, in rural areas, school teachers and politicians should provide awareness about tobacco. 

We can also conduct awareness camps in rural areas to make them aware of it. 


Seeing the current situation, stay safe and wear your mask. Maintain distance and take care of your health.

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