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Interview with Dr Darshana Thakker (Gynecologist)

Interview with Dr Darshana Thakker (Gynecologist)

Dr Darshana Thakker is a consultant gynecologist and obstetrician with a rich experience of more than 22 years. She remains a skillful surgeon, compassionate clinician, innovative soul, amateur photographer, and even an aspiring writer. She is particularly famous for prescribing music and meditation in her treatment plans as therapies. Dr. Darshana also established the Sparsh Foundation and Health Cafe, a virtual concept for health care education, and also manages it primarily.

She is also an internationally licensed Heal Your Life teacher and workshop leader based on Louise Hay's philosophy. Dr, Darshana presently works as the director of Sarjan Maternity and Nursing Home. She is also the director of the Development Quest Foundation and the Co-founder of NAARI. NAARI is an organization introduced for educating and empowering women to live a healthy life. Dr Darshana was also featured in the inspiring stories of successful Indian personalities worldwide in 2017, published by Aneesh Bhanot in United News Papers India.

The Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System

A female reproductive system consists of one uterus, two Fallopian tubes, two ovaries, and a vagina. The uterus is a gigantic bag of fist-size muscle. It also includes a hollow space inside, called the endometrial cavity. Two ovaries are situated above the uterus. These have the shape and size of an almond. In addition to this, the Fallopian tubes connect the uterus to the ovaries.

Symptoms of Gynecologic Cancers

There are a plethora of symptoms that women need to be aware of. Firstly, if you notice unusual bleeding apart from regular periods, there's a possibility that you might be at risk. Inter-menstrual bleeding is a principal methodology that every woman must look into. A regular menstrual cycle is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Post-menopausal bleeding and smelly discharge are a few of the signs you may need to consider. Further, abdomen Pain is also caused by cysts present in the ovaries. Every woman of reproductive age should consult her gynecologist on noticing post-coital bleeding.

Steps to be followed after the Diagnosis of Cancer

A few of the most common elements that affect people diagnosed with different types of cancer are as follows. Why me? What should I do? Will I survive? Breaking a diagnosis is too daunting. Every individual affected by Ovarian Cancer or Breast Cancer must understand the diagnosis correctly. Thus, connecting with patients on a compassionate level of emotions is essential. They also require enough time to trust their doctors. Therefore, giving them faith and even trust in medicinal drugs is vital. Doctors guide their patients through their broadened expertise. Thus, giving patients thorough insights into details like available therapies, involved expenditure kinds, and so on can help them make well-versed decisions.

A Rare and Challenging Case

An older aged woman of about 68 years was menopausal for nearly 15 years. She decided to visit a physician due to an unfortunate heart problem. She was diabetic, hypertensive, and asthmatic too. When she saw her doctor, she also suffered from abdomen Pain. The doctor then prescribed her therapy for dealing with asthma, diabetes, and blood pressure along with a sonography test. While she did start feeling better, she mistook the abdomen Pain for cough and asthma. Thus, she didn't choose to go for an Ultrasound scan. After a few months, she revisited her physician because she felt breathless. She also spotted bleeding. The doctor then suggested that she should undergo sonography.
She was admitted to my hospital with a fever of 102 degrees Celsius. She had a blood sugar of 374. After doing the ultrasound, we encountered that the ovary was swollen. Thus she was suspicious of developing malignancy. We further tested the MRI reports for the abdomen pelvis. The ovary to the adjacent organs had a lot of adhesion. Operating this was significantly challenging as her diabetes was uncontrolled. In addition to this, the chest cavity and the rib cage contained a series of fluids, known as pleural effusion. We then went ahead to determine whether or not the ovarian malignancy had caused some metastasis. After a week, we did a laparotomy. She recovered and lived well for more than ten years after the Surgery. However, the lesson learned from this situation is that every individual must ensure doing the required tests when the doctor advises you.

Myths and Stigmas associated with Cancer

Firstly, many people think that cancer means to cancel. No, cancer isn't about balancing the check of life. It's a promise that, more often than not, you can transform into a celebrating one if you choose to deal with it with complete faith and get diagnosed on time. Along with this, there is a multitude of myths concerning cancer. Many people say that cancer Is contagious. Cancer is not transferable, and thus, you can live in the same house as that of a cancer patient.

Another myth that many people believe is whether or not it runs in the family. Cancers in females are scientifically proven to affect only women. Breast Cancer has a drastically higher chance of affecting the next generation of the family. When a woman has breast cancer, we usually take note of the history of the maternal family. Thus, if the patient had a daughter, we frequently feel the need to get her tested and screened. Genetic problems and Breast Cancer go hand in hand. Therefore, the next generation must be a bit more cautious about lowering the chance of repeating history.

Louis Hay Philosophy and Integrative methods of Treatment

One of the most crucial aspects that many people overlook is the emotional well-being has connections with physical health. I primarily learned from Louise Hay's philosophy that mental health plays an imperative role in the treatment's overall effectiveness. An example that may help you understand better is of menopausal symptoms, backache, and Insomnia. While going deep into the individual's personal history, there may or may not be some suppressed emotions that can directly affect your body. Louis Hay suggests that love is the miracle of the cure. Her initial diagnosis was Cervical Cancer in 1980.

She then started working on her emotional abilities at a much more meticulous level. On releasing her emotions, she combated against cancer. She recovered and lived for over 30 years after cancer left her body. Louis Hay's philosophy is an inspiration for many. It has, without a doubt, an immense impact on several individuals. If you believe in the philosophy 'it's safe to look within,' you might as well conquer cancer. Expressing your emotions and dealing with them is an indispensable factor in recovering mentally and physically. This philosophy talks about the mind-body connection and how your mindset can change your disease pattern.

The Artist in You

I'm a passionate photographer. As an amateur photographer, I tried coming up with the publication of 'Kudrat and Kalam,' my very own title. It generally revolves around my love for photography of nature. It is a way by which I express my thoughts along with the moments in context to the message of the life I publish. I made use of my photography to picture birth in my hospital. Every child born here gets a vibrantly beautiful album to relive their memories all over again.


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