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Role of Milk Thistle In Balancing Hormones During Cancer

Role of Milk Thistle In Balancing Hormones During Cancer

Nowadays, many women are experiencing hormonal imbalances, from PMS to menopause-associated symptoms. In recent years, people have started to talk more rigorously about period pain, symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome, etc.

Now we know that the period should not hurt and that if it does, we may have an excess of estrogens or an imbalance between progesterone and estrogens, for example. We also know that diet and lifestyle significantly influence our hormonal system. Therefore, some supplements are being suggested to balance hormones.

Some of the symptoms that can show a hormonal imbalance are:

  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Mood swings, irritability, anxiety, depression, stress
  • Unexplained weight changes
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disorders
  • Variable appetite
  • Digestive problems
  • Hair loss or thinning

We will discuss in this article how a 2000-year-old herb Milk Thistle can maintain a healthy level of hormones.

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What is Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle is a weed-like plant grown in the Mediterranean region, and it has a purple flower; it is a relative of the flowers daisy and dandelion.

Silymarin is a flavonoid obtained from milk thistle-dried fruit. It is the main active ingredient in milk thistle. These two words represent this ancient herb. Silymarin is a flavonoid complex made up of silibinin, silydianin and silicristin. Silymarin is high in antioxidant and inflammatory properties and can help fight against the risk of type 2 diabetes. It may also help fight the oxidation of healthy cells.

What Are The Main Benefits OF Milk Thistle?

Primarily, milk thistle helps improve liver function. This makes it a great option if you are trying to improve your overall liver health (or need to recover from a night of drinking!). Another of the liver's primary functions is regulating estrogen production. Estrogen dominance has its side effects. Some include cycle irregularities, weight retention and a higher risk of estrogen-dominant cancers.

Even though milk thistle is slightly estrogenic, studies have found it helps speed up estrogen metabolism. While a bit counterintuitive, in this case, it looks like the benefits outweigh the addition of estrogen to your system!

Another reason people take milk thistle is to improve hormone metabolization by the liver. It's one of the liver's jobs to process and eliminate excess sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), hormones made by the adrenal glands, and thyroid hormones. However, imbalances can occur if the liver isn't working well enough to metabolize hormones.

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Can milk thistle balance hormones?

Any excess hormones in our body are detoxified and excreted via the liver and gut, making milk thistle an excellent herb to help support hormonal balance. One of the most common symptoms of menopause is low mood, self-esteem, and irritability, thanks to hormonal fluctuations.

Another reason people take milk thistle is to improve hormone metabolization by the liver. It's one of the liver's jobs to process and eliminate excess sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), hormones made by the adrenal glands, and thyroid hormones.

What does milk thistle do to estrogen?

Sure enough: in one recent study, an herbal conglomerate featuring milk thistle as one of the active participants increased estrogen metabolism, effectively reducing the amount of active estrogen by speeding up its clearance from the body.

Is milk thistle good for PCOS?

A liver-cleansing herb such as milk thistle is vital if you suffer from PCOS. This is because many menstrual problems and infertility concerns are made worse because of the backup of hormones within the liver. Milk thistle will keep your liver working efficiently and help eliminate toxins and compounds the body does not require.

Where can I purchase Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle is hard to find fresh [unless you are foraging it in the wild], so it is most commonly found as an herbal supplement. You can purchase this in either capsule or tincture form.

To be sure that you're getting ALL the benefits milk thistle has to offer, make sure your supplement is at least 70% silymarin (this is THE active ingredient that improves liver function, after all!) You can buy Milk Thistle capsules, extractions, or other supplements.

Milk thistle seeds are available at apothecaries, health food stores and reputable online sources. If utilizing the seed, grind it in a coffee grinder and sprinkle it on any food you don't mind with a bit of crunch [i.e., salads, smoothies].

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This is one of the all-time favourite herbs for many health conditions. Milk Thistle is one of the best liver-cleansing herbs, and a healthy liver is vital for hormone balance. Many women have an excess of estrogen and a deficiency of progesterone. Many people don't know that the body filters out excess estrogen through the liver. If the liver is congested and stagnant, the body cannot eliminate these excess estrogens, and they re-enter the body. The liver is also the processing plant for our body's toxic wastes such as chemicals, heavy metals, fungi and other toxins. Many of these toxins can act to mimic hormones in our body and lead to further hormonal imbalance and disruption.

So, here is your new best friend: Milk Thistle. Not only does it work to support liver renewal it is also beneficial in targeting estrogen dominance. By simply introducing milk thistle into your life, you can work to re-establish the correct balance of hormones, improve the efficiency of your liver function and start feeling more like yourself again!

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