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Milk Thistle - A Powerhouse of vital enzymes

Milk Thistle - A Powerhouse of vital enzymes

Milk Thistle - A vital enzymes

Milk Thistle, a plant grown in the Mediterranean region, is now gaining popularity for its ability to work wonders for liver health by preventing the damage and helping it heal. This is now grown worldwide for its therapeutic uses.

Milk Thistle or Silybum Marianum (scientific name) is a powerhouse of vital enzymes which produces antioxidant supplements. These supplements are then used in manufacturing Liver care tablets and Liver capsules. The main enzymes in milk thistle include Silymarin, a flavonoid complex containing silybin, silydianin, and silychristin.

What is the use of milk thistle in bodybuilding?

Bodybuilders tend to lose important nutrients when they do intense exercises; as a result their liver gets weak. When they take this herbal remedy, it not only aids in replenishment of liver cells, but also helps the liver detoxify and prevent any possible damages.

Silymarin, the main ingredient in milk thistle keeps the liver healthy, ensures clean blood circulation which promotes formation of healthy cells in the entire body. These cells boost the organ functions and result in glowing skin, lower cholesterol levels, and a healthy brain. It also provides the bodybuilders a good supply of vital antioxidants which are not produced by the human body naturally.

There's plenty of evidence to support that the supplement keeps the liver rock-bottomed and copper sheathed, despite whatever chemical assault it's subjected to. However, it has a lot of other superpowers, including physique and performance enhancement.

What other powers does milk thistle extract have?

Fat burning

It appears to increase the rate at which the body burns body fat during exercise. A separate study involving 45 men found that the combo of exercise and silymarin improved body comp, probably through positive effects on adipokinectin levels (Shirali, 2016). In the group, some doing endurance training and some doing weight training.

Muscle growth

Silymarin from milk thistle led to increased recovery and hypertrophy of quadriceps and gastrocnemius muscles (through increased protein synthesis) in rats, along with improvements in endurance and the muscular tissue of the heart (Vargas-Mendoza, 2020).

Increased athletic performance

Milk thistle extract increased alveolar and bronchial muscle size, improved vascularization, and reduced tissue inflammation in exercising rats, leading to improved cell recovery and improved exercise performance (Vargas-Mendoza, 2021).

Increased recovery

Silymarin from milk thistle reduced aerobic-exercise induced inflammatory markers in exercising men (Moein, 2018.)

How to Take Milk Thistle for Bodybuilding

Purchase milk thistle in one of the four following forms: as a dried herb capsule, liquid or alcohol extract, tincture or silymarin phosphatidylcholine complex. The latter complex is the most popular form. Its high level of silymarin makes it easier for the body to absorb milk thistle. So, You should avoid alcohol extract if you are using it to help cope with liver damage from alcohol.

Take 200 to 400 mg of milk thistle 1 to 3 times each day, if you are taking the supplement. If you are taking it as a dried herb, consume 12 to 15 grams of the dried herb with a meal. You can buy Milk Thistle capsules, extract, or other supplements.

Grind it dried and put it into a cereal, oatmeal or other flavorful food. Many people don't like the taste of the supplement and prefer to disguise it in another food. Conversely, you can bring water to a boil and put milk thistle in it to make tea.

If you are using a liquid milk thistle extract; add it to juice or another flavored beverage to make the supplement more palatable.

Maintains liver health

The liver is the largest internal organ and it purifies blood in our bodies. Thus it absorbs nutrients from food and detoxifies the body. Humans depend heavily on this vital organ. Everything we eat passes through our liver including alcohol, prescription medicine, all types of foods, and water. Many of the elements in our intake can be very hard on the liver. So, It helps by protecting the liver in several ways. Its antioxidant properties play an important role in making it an Ultimate Liver Supplement.

Protects vital organs like liver, kidney and gallbladder

Excessive amount of alcohol consumption damage liver badly. Also many cancer treatments like Chemotherapy can also harm healthy body parts while fighting with cancer cells. It has shown promising results in all these cases. It can protect these vital organs like liver, kidney and gallbladder and help them regain their health after the treatment.

Diseases including hepatitis, psoriasis, and jaundice damage liver. However, studies show a silymarin extract helps treat conditions like hepatitis C. Without proper care, the liver itself can be prone to fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and liver failure. Silymarin helps protein synthesis and creates a protective layer on cells to prevent future damage. Similar research revealed pre-treatment with silymarin prevented liver damage by several harmful toxins.


Milk Thistle or Sylimarin is a natural, safe, plant based remedy, which has potential to heal and protect the liver from a variety of possible damages. Hence it becomes a must use for bodybuilders, who can take advantage of its additional benefits as well.

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