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Importance of Calcium for Cancer Patients

Calcium is a distinctive and indispensable dietary mineral generally found in yogurt, cheese, milk, and leafy vegetables. It is furthermore found in specific grains, lentils, beans, peas, peanuts, and Nuts. It is a determining and fundamental element of human teeth and bones. It also plays a vital role in the clotting of blood due to injuries. A precise amount of Calcium is highly required for the proper functioning of muscles, nerves, and heart. Thus, it is unquestionably the most significant and abundant mineral in the human body. Calcium supplements for cancer patients plays a fundamental role in treating different types of cancer symptoms, especially prostate and Colorectal Cancer.

Role of calcium:

Analyzing the right amount is a critical factor, it can lead to Prostate Cancer and cardiovascular problems. However, consuming the right amount can help inhibit bone fracture, colorectal cancer, and osteoporosis.

It plays a plethora of significant and imperative roles in the human body. It is involved in systematic muscle contraction, blood clotting, nerve transmission, and enzyme reaction. In situations of low estrogen and Calcium levels, the body makes use of the bone Calcium for different body processes.

Insufficient Calcium level in the blood leads to high blood pressure. Studies suggest that the intake of Calcium supplements can advance the risk of cardiac events and heart disease. However, it hasn’t been approved yet with proper clinical trials.

It is not only present in several foods but is also found in certain antacids. The advantages and potential threats are still unclear. Thus, consulting your doctor before making use of it is essential.

Uses of Calcium:

  • Preventing Cancer- In recent years, several clinical trials have been performed on humans to determine if it helps treat cancer. However, a meticulous result of supplemental and dietary Calcium on Cancer Treatment hasn’t been analyzed and detected. It is unquestionably a potential threat for causing Prostate Cancer. However, some medical institutions recommend an adequate amount for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.
  • Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders Studies aren’t certain about the cardiovascular risks caused by it. Furthermore, additional studies can help analyze the potential risks and benefits.
  • Decreasing high blood pressure- According to studies, clinical trials have been performed to determine that it plays a vital role in decreasing both diastolic and systolic blood levels in the body.
  • Preventing the progression of osteoporosis- According to research, specific supplements can inhibit bone loss in aged women. Moreover, decreased bone loss can help in avoiding bone fractures.

Side-effects of Calcium:

  • Consuming an appropriate amount is indispensable to avoid future damage to your body. It comprises several side effects if taken inappropriately. Chalky taste, constipation, dry mouth, and flatulence are few of the common side-effects.
  • A higher Calcium blood level in aged women can result in the above side effects such as constipation and Dry mouth.
  • Abusing Calcium for the long-term can risk causing urinary stones.
  • Nausea and Fatigue are rare but obvious side effects.
  • Consuming high doses can risk a potential stroke.

Potential risks:

  • It can affect the absorption of zinc, magnesium, and iron.
  • High consumption or overdosing on Calcium can lead to a potential threat to the prostate glands causing Prostate Cancer. It can also cause milk-alkali syndrome.
  • Patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases can fall prey to Calcium associated cardiovascular disease.
  • Excessive Vitamin D and Calcium supplements can cause kidney stones. Eating Calcium foods rather than supplements can help decrease the risk of kidney stones.

Additional Insights:

  • Consuming it via dietary food such as leafy vegetables rather than supplements can help potentially decrease the risk of kidney stones.
  • Patients requiring a specific amount of Calcium supplementation are advised to improve fluid intake. Improving your fluid intake can help lower the risk of kidney stones.
  • Several medications, such as gastric reflux medications can lower it’s absorption to a certain extent.
  • It is said to be an ingredient in several antacids.

To sum up, It is a vitally essential mineral found in the human body. Excessive Calcium in your blood is a condition known as hypercalcemia. Hypercalcemia is a severe condition and can be found in several patients going for Cancer Treatment. It is thus necessary to treat yourself if you’re suffering from high Calcium levels. A higher Calcium level can be a potential threat to different body parts and can cause Lung Cancer Symptoms, Breast Cancer symptoms, Leukaemia, etc. Therefore, the right amount can unquestionably help to avoid becoming a victim of different forms of cancer. Moreover, consuming sufficient but not excessive amounts can help relieve pain caused during cancer treatments.


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