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Asha Kadam (Breast Cancer): I Am Not Afraid Of Death

Asha Kadam (Breast Cancer): I Am Not Afraid Of Death

My Breast Cancer Story: Detection/Diagnosis

My inspirational Breast Cancer survivor story begins when I was 75 years old. Yes, I was that much old already when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was in 2017, when one night I was feeling so hot that I needed to wipe off my sweat. So, while doing that I felt the signs of Breast Cancer. There was a distinct lump on my right breast.

I shared this piece of information with my daughter the following morning. She took me to a gynecologist. The doctor checked and asked me to get a mammogram done. When the mammogram reports arrived, it was positive that there was a lump.

Worst, the lump was malignant. I was, therefore, a designated Breast Cancer patient. Needless to say, I was asked to consult an oncologist.

My Story

Honestly, I accepted the news of my Breast Cancer easily. Of course, it came as a shocker, but I felt the tremors minorly. I was not depressed as such.

We live in a joint family. I have three kids. As a woman, I have always been busy. Be it taking kids to school, or working, I had been active.

However, I never took my Calcium or iron tablets. In fact, I never took care of my physical health much. I always hated taking pills. So, this Breast Cancer news did not upset me so much as I knew it was my fault. Had I taken better care of myself, probably my situation would be different today.

Treatment of my Breast Cancer

After I visited the oncologist, all my tests were done. They decided that Surgery was needed.

I was admitted to the hospital. As per schedule, the Breast Cancer Surgery was conducted.

Let me mention that I was kept under heavy medication. However, I never had to undergo Chemotherapy and radiation. Maybe the cyst was small and I was too old to take chemo.

Many cancer patients experience vomiting, nausea, hair fall, ulcers, and other side effects. They did not apply to me because I was just on oral administration. However, I did experience some side-effects of my medicines.

My bones got weak. I was low on calcium, so I was given Calcium injections every three months. The Breast Cancer Treatment was very expensive. Thankfully, we were able to survive the monetary issue.

MyBreast CancerSurvivor Story

I have always tried being brave. As a Breast Cancer survivor, death does not scare me. The doctor assured me that nothing would happen. I would live beyond 5-6 years. My family is very supportive; children are settled.

Everything is going well. I am satisfied and happy with my life. So, I am not afraid of leaving this world. Whenever death comes to me, I will embrace it with brevity.

I have cutouts of cancer articles; the ones I see in newspapers. I read about inspirational Breast Cancer survivor stories. It feels great to acquire more knowledge about Breast Cancer.

During my Breast Cancer treatment, I had seen many young Breast Cancer warriors. See, I was old even then. Facing life challenges have made me bold. Therefore, it was easy for me to handle my Breast Cancer.

So, witnessing young Breast Cancer warriors arose mixed emotions in me. On one hand it hurt me. While on the other hand, it motivated me as they have so much life left yet they are fighting with a smile. I tell myself that I have received so much from my life already at this stage, so I should not be afraid of anything.

Parting Message toBreast CancerSurvivors and Warriors

  • Take your medicines on time
  • Don't be scared of anything
  • Have a smile
  • Face everything with positivity

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