Swati Suramya (Breast Cancer): “Be positive and motivated.”

Swati Suramya Breast Cancer survivor

Breast Cancer Diagnosis


It was in February 2019 when I felt a lump in my breast, and I consulted a gynecologist. The doctor said that the lump was benign, and I was advised to go to a general surgeon to remove the lump. I was considered to be in the low-risk category since I was 35, neither alcoholic nor obese, and was a mother.


Once the surgery was done, the lump was sent for biopsy. After ten days, my biopsy reports came, which said that it was IDC (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma) grade 3, which is a very aggressive type of breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Treatment

My surgical oncologist told me that a second surgery was required to ensure that no part of the cancerous lump remained in my body. Few more tests were done, and I was found HER2-positive. Then the treatment was outlined, and I underwent a second surgery. Eight cycles of chemotherapy, 15 sessions of radiation, and 17 doses of targeted therapy were administered to me as part of the treatment.


I completed my breast cancer treatment in March 2020, and that was a difficult phase. It was challenging to stay positive, but I had the support of my family throughout the journey, and my doctors and nurses were also very motivating.


After breast cancer, a lot of things change; you can’t do the little things in your life. I have little mobility in my left arm, so I can’t hold much weight using it. There are many challenges I go through daily, but my family helps me, and we keep our home environment very positive.


I knew that my breast cancer was curable, and I wanted to be there for my daughter, which motivated me more than anything else. Now, I take care of myself and appreciate every little aspect of my life. I am filled with gratitude for every moment of joy in my life today, something that I never stopped to think about earlier.


Parting Message

People will be full of advice on what to do, what to eat, and many remedies, but do what you feel is good for you. Most importantly, follow your doctor’s advice. Come out of questions like ‘why me’ and keep yourself positive and motivated because life after cancer is much more beautiful than life before cancer.