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Home Remedies for Weakness

Balanced Diet

Essential for overall health. Include a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats in your diet.

Protein-Rich Foods

Supports muscle strength and energy. Include lean A2 dairy, legumes, and nuts in your diet.

Small, Frequent Meals

Helps maintain energy levels. Eat small, nutritious meals or snacks every 2-3 hours.

Ginger Tea

May alleviate nausea and improve digestion. Drink 2-3 cups of ginger tea daily. Consult regarding dosage for supplements.


Vital for energy and overall health. Aim for 8-10 glasses of water daily, more if experiencing vomiting or diarrhea.

Light Exercise

Such as walking or gentle yoga, can boost energy levels. Engage in light physical activity as tolerated and advised by healthcare professionals.

Vitamin B12 Supplements

Supports energy levels. Take as prescribed by a healthcare provider, typically 500-1000 mcg daily.

Vitamin D Supplements

Can help with weakness and fatigue. Take as recommended by a healthcare provider, usually 1000-4000 IU daily.

Omega-3 Supplements

Supports overall health. Take 1000-2000 mg of fish oil or plant-based omega-3 supplements daily as advised by a healthcare provider.

Iron Supplements

If iron deficiency is a concern. Take iron supplements as advised by a healthcare provider. Monitor for constipation or stomach upset.

Magnesium-Rich Foods

Such as spinach, nuts, and seeds, can help with energy metabolism. Include these in your diet.


An adaptogen that may help improve energy and reduce stress. Use under the guidance of a healthcare provider.

Yoga and Meditation

Helps reduce stress and improve energy levels. Practice gentle yoga and daily meditation, adapted to your physical capabilities.

Green Tea

Contains antioxidants and can provide a mild energy boost. Drink 1-2 cups daily, being mindful of caffeine content and interactions with medications.


Rich in healthy fats and nutrients. Include half to one avocado in your diet daily.

Beetroot Juice

High in nitrates and may improve energy levels. Drink a small glass (100-200 ml) daily; start with a low quantity to assess tolerance.

Herbal Teas

Peppermint or chamomile tea can be soothing and invigorating. Drink 1-2 cups daily, ensuring no conflicts with medications.

Probiotic Foods

Such as yogurt and kefir, support gut health, which is crucial for overall energy. Include in your diet.

Sleep and Rest

Adequate sleep is vital for energy recovery. Maintain a regular sleep schedule and take rest breaks throughout the day as needed.

Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)

Can improve oxygen flow and energy levels. Practice simple breathing exercises like diaphragmatic breathing for 5-10 minutes several times a day.

The information on this site is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. Always consult a doctor before making health decisions. This content is for educational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice.

Home remedies for other side effects

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Bleeding or bruising easily
Nausea and vomiting

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