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Yasmin Husain (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Yasmin Husain (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Diagnosis was unexpected

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in October 2020. I did not have any problems or symptoms. It was breast cancer awareness month, so my doctor suggested I get the test done. I was not serious, nor was I willing to know the report. I went there with my friend. When I received my report, it was a complete shock to hear the word 'cancer', but once I was over the initial stage of acceptance, I got my positive head-on.

Received the best Treatment 

I got my treatment done in Dubai. It has been unbelievable fantastic! I feel so lucky to have had my treatment here. Every step of the way has just been made so comfortable, efficient and very professional. The hospitals are like 5-star hotels. I had six months of chemotherapy, and 12 weeks of Taxol, followed by two and half months of aggressive chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. I got my lymph nodes removed. After a small break, I had five weeks of radiation every day. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Today, I am cured and living a healthy life. My doctors have advised me to take annual mammograms and check-ups to ensure that no new tumors develop in my bod

Emotional well-being

 I never gave up and have always managed my emotional wellbeing with a very positive mindset. I take everything very positively. When I was diagnosed with cancer. I thanked to God that at least my sisters are safe. As I have a family history of cancer, there is always a high chance for having cancer. I am strongest among all my siblings and I handles it gracefully.

Support System

I received tremendous support from my family and friends during my cancer journey. My oncologists and friends were my most extensive support system. I always believed this one thing: " I had cancer, but cancer never had me." "I beat it with positivity." My friends and family helped me get through this challenging time in my life by being there for me every step of the way. They took care of me while I was in the hospital and helped me get back on my feet again when I got out. I never knew before that I had such a fantastic friend around me.

 Life after cancer

Cancer has not stopped me from living my best life and has certainly not brought me down. Firstly, I accepted it is just something we have to deal with, and it is not the end of the world. Secondly, I stayed utterly positive and did not let negative thoughts in.

Message for others

Laugh and smile, plus surround yourself only with people who will do the same. Cancer has taught me to be myself. I want to pursue my habits. I am also a good person. I am a positive person and always try to look for the best in every situation. I want everyone around me to feel happy and safe. I have a big heart and always put other people first before myself. Live life as it comes. Problems will come in life, but if you stay positive, you can tackle them. My advice to other people is that "You can do anything you want but never give up."

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