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Urgita (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Urgita (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

In 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but luckily, it was Stage 1 Breast Cancer. I underwent lumpectomy and radiation therapy, and I was cured and became a Breast Cancer survivor. I was quite healthy and followed a good lifestyle. I always preferred home-cooked food and avoided junk food. So, I used to believe that the cancer would not come again.

Breast Cancer Relapse

But in 2019, I started having severe back pain, and it was radiating towards my right leg. I initially thought it might be sciatica pain, so I did some massages and took Homoeopathy treatment.

But the Pain was not reducing and was becoming unbearable. So I went to a Pain management doctor, who told that this was not a sciatica Pain and therefore advised me to get a full-body check-up done. It was one and a half years since I had done a cancer check-up, as I was following a healthy lifestyle, along with daily Yoga. I was somehow confident that the cancer would not return.

I consulted the same doctor from whom I had received treatment earlier. He conducted some scans and discovered that the breast cancer had metastasized to various areas such as the liver, lungs, brain, and pelvic bone. The pain in my pelvic bone was what led to the diagnosis of the cancer.

My husband was shocked and was not ready to believe it because he knew that my lifestyle did not involve any disease-inducing habits. He was surprised at how a person like me who didn't eat out, consume junk food and always believed in eating homemade food, could get cancer. Even I was not ready to accept it, but I just had to accept and go for the treatment.

So I underwent chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and was also given some bone-strengthening medicines.

Go like a child

Someone suggested to me that I should approach the treatment with the innocence and trust of a child. Despite being knowledgeable and having many questions, I should refrain from questioning and simply trust the process like a child does. I should believe that the medicines prescribed by the doctors are effective for me. Following this advice, I approached my treatment, and it proved to be effective for me.

I changed my food habits; I stopped eating spices. During the initial days of my treatment, I was not too fond of any food because you lose your taste buds, and I ate khichdi for almost six months regularly. Also, I took some papaya leaf juice, so that my Platelet count doesn't drop. I used to go through nutrition videos to understand more about my nutrition habits.

During my Chemotherapy days, I never had nausea, vomiting, constipation, or any such side effects. I believe I was normal since I was following good food habits.

My family says that I'm a fighter

My children were in 10th and 12th grade when I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Despite my husband's frequent travels due to his job, he made an effort to spend time with me, showing flexibility and support. My family members remained calm and composed upon hearing about my diagnosis. They offered prayers and expressed confidence in my strength as a fighter, believing that nothing would deter me.

I had faced life-threatening incidents earlier in my life. I had a snake bite when I was in Mumbai, and I had 85% poison in my body. I was admitted to the hospital, and even doctors were shocked when I survived through it. So everyone was telling me how since I had gone through that, cancer was very small compared to it, and I would easily defeat it again.

Last year, I was not able to walk or get down from the car on my own, but now I can walk, and even walk quickly if needed. Everything has become almost normal now. I am back in my routine, and I can do my household work. My family has been very cooperative, and they understand that I could be tired, so they help me a lot.

Follow a good lifestyle. Have a balanced diet. Don't eat junk food and prefer homemade food.

Key Points from Urgita's Healing Journey

  • In 2014, I had breast cancer, but it was in the initial stage. I had lumpectomy and radiation, and I was almost cured.
  • I had a healthy lifestyle, so I never thought it would come again, but in 2019, I had severe back pain, and when I got it tested, I get to know that my cancer had metastasised to my lungs, liver, brain, and pelvic bone.
  • I again underwent chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, and was also given some bone-strengthening medicines.
  • Follow a good lifestyle. Have a balanced diet. Don't eat junk food and prefer homemade food.
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