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TN Sherkhane (Breast Cancer Caregiver)

TN Sherkhane (Breast Cancer Caregiver)


It was in 2013 when she first noticed a lump on her breast. I took her to a doctor and the doctor prescribed a few tests. The test results showed that she had breast cancer.


Within 15-20 days of the test results, she got operated on for breast cancer. And right after this, she underwent six chemotherapy cycles. The doctor then asked her to go for radiation treatment but I decided to consult another doctor for that. After seeing the reports, he said there is no need for radiation and so we ignored it.

Then during our regular check-up again another lump was found in her breast. We got it operated but later it was found that it was not a cancer lump. She recovered and we brought her back home.

Signs emerged again

All these years she was just taking one tablet and was doing well but suddenly she started not feeling good and on consulting with the doctor we decided to go for a PET scan. To our surprise, we came to know that the cancer has again emerged and has spread to the liver. This time it was in the fourth stage.

She again took a lot of tests and underwent 30-40 chemotherapy cycles.  Targeted therapy was also given to her by a reputed Mumbai-based doctor. During the treatment she got jaundice. She suffered a lot and could not make it this time.

Complementary treatment

Apart from the conventional chemotherapy cycles and surgery. I also searched for different therapies that can be given to her. I took her for  naturopathy treatment in Karnataka and ayurvedic treatment in Rajasthan.

Side effect after the first chemo

Some of the prominent side effects she had after the chemotherapy cycle was hair loss, and not being able to consume food properly.

How I handled

I did not tell her how scared I was and tried to show myself as normal as possible. In this way, I felt  that she also felt good. She was very positive and had high willpower.

Parting Message to patient

Make sure you dont ignore small symptoms while the treatment is going on. Also once the treatment is over you should keep a track of it on a regular basis. 

Message to the caregiver

Make sure that you motivate them to have a positive attitude. Keep them happy and cheerful.

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