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Dr. Seema Sharma (Breast Cancer survivor)

Dr. Seema Sharma (Breast Cancer survivor)

How did it started- 

My friend (Breast Cancer survivor) got herself tested and found positive for breast cancer. After a year or so she forced me to get tested. I thought that there was no need to get tested because I was alright. There were no symptoms. I got myself tested at the age of 47. My test results were positive and it was the second stage.

How my family reacted

When I got to know about this I took it positively. I didn't lose hope. Even my daughters and husband didn't lose hope. All of them knew that I would recover and fight back. My one daughter was in 10th standard. She was having her board exams and she was a scholar. She took care of me and scored well for her exams as well. My other daughter just got her first job after completing She left her job and came home to stay with me for the next six months. Both of them cared and supported me throughout. 

Even my colleagues and friends were in doubt but everyone had a positive attitude towards it although they were in shock. 

They even asked me how I can stay so positive? I just told them that staying positive is the only option.

 My family was terrified but they never showed me anything. They always gave me hope that it's the second stage and everything will be alright. Everyone around me, my husband, children, colleagues, and friends supported me throughout the journey. 

The treatment process

On the 13st of August my breast was removed by Dr. Dharpa. In September my chemotherapy started. Every 21 days I had one chemotherapy. Radiation was not necessary in my case as it has just touched the second stage. I was given some injections, drugs, and medicines which were required for the treatment . The whole process took 6-7 months. 

Side effects

Chemotherapy did have side effects like constipation or sometimes diarrhea, vomiting, headache, and bodyache. At first, I was terrified but the doctor consoled me saying these are normal symptoms.

Process time

The whole process took 6-7 months. And on 1st of Jan, 2015 I recovered and came back home. Doctor asked me to take medicines for the next three years and that too is over now. I am now fit and fine and living a normal life. 

After effects

I changed my diet. I started eating protein rich food. Coconut water is a permanent thing in my diet now. I have added yoga and walking in my routine as well just to keep myself healthy. I do go for regular check ups as well. 

My suggestion 

I suggest every woman who is in her 40s or above 45 should take care of herself and go for regular check-ups. If you feel any uneasiness or something, you must immediately contact the doctor. At this age of life, one should add yoga, and walking in their routine just to keep oneself healthy.
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