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Seema Doshi (Breast Cancer)

Seema Doshi (Breast Cancer)

When Seema Doshi was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with bony metastatic, her family went into a state of panic. A PET scan showed triple-positive breast cancer spread over the stomach and bony areas. She began chemotherapy, but soon found the side effects to be unmanageable. That was when she decided, it was time to contact us.

After conducting a comprehensive examination, we found that cancer was in the aggressive stage. We suggested she begin an anti-cancer lifestyle program that consists of Ayurveda, Medical Cannabis and an anti-cancer diet.

The anti-cancer diet worked wonders by managing her blood parameters and other side effects of cancer. The Integrative therapies suggested by us helped her manage the side effects of chemotherapy. Seema's condition has considerably improved over the last two months. Her doctor even reported that there is a 50 percent reduction in the rockiness in the left breast.

Today, with reduced side effects, she is able to regain a good quality life.

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