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Dr. Ruchi Sabharwal (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Dr. Ruchi Sabharwal (Breast Cancer Survivor)


I (Breast Cancer Survivor) live in Mumbai. I have been the principal of a kindergarten which is my own school for the last 20 years. 

How it started- 

In 2007, I felt a lump in my left Breast. I got symptoms like loss of hair, and  pain in my body. I also started feeling feverish but when I used to check my temperature it showed no changes. My mother-in-law is a homeopathic doctor. She gave me medicine for a mild fever but it did not dissolve. Even after a week it didn't dissolve so my mother-in-law suggested I should go and do a check-up. My husband did my mammography and sonography. Reports showed that I had breast cancer.


I got my Biopsy done and was operated on in Jaslok hospital. I took my chemo from Tata Memorial Hospital by Dr. Sudeep Gupta and radiation from Hinduja hospital by Dr. kanan. I was finally cured from cancer. For a year or so I did not have any issues. I had homeopathic treatment for 5 years. I also had to go to Tata Memorial Hospital for regular check ups. There was nothing when I got checked. Even the doctors said there was nothing to worry about. 

Cancer resurfaced 

I lost my husband during the pandemic. We were together for 28 years. It was my birthday and the same night he had a cardiac attack. Within 30 minutes he passed away. It was shocking for me. In the month of October I started feeling feverish, started losing hairs, and started having all the same symptoms back again. I have two pets. One day my pets talked to me. They said I should go for a check up. So, I decided to have a check up and found a lump in my left Breast. I rushed to the nearest doctor. The doctor did my mammography and sonography and asked to go to the nearest oncologist with reports. Reports showed I have cancer once again. I then got my Biopsy done. I again went to my previous doctors for treatment.

The 1st cycle of chemotherapy was in 8 days, an interval total of 12 sessions . After surgery due to lymph nodes being out of 22 / 7 were positive so they started again 6 more sessions in an interval of 21 days. I went for Operation as well. The operation was for 14 hours. There were two operations done. After the operation the doctors removed my Breast. We went for reconstruction which was a wrong decision. We should have only gone for mastectomy as earlier. This wrong decision still gives me pain in my stomach. My stomach still hurts. 

I then have to go through Radiations. I was on Hormonal therapy for 5 years. I will try homeopathy after my treatment. 

Side-effects of chemotherapy

There were some side-effects of chemotherapy such as weakness, constipation, and diarrhea. Even today I don't want my children to feel that I am weak, so I cook for them daily. I do the work for 1 hour and rest for 15-20 mins.  


My only motivation for survival is my children. I am living for them. They are not settled yet. Both my sons inspire, and motivate me daily. I know I can get through this. 


Many people suggested going for ayurveda treatment but there is no guarantee that it can cure cancer. I have never seen any patient who has been treated with only Ayurveda. 

My suggestion would be to go for the allopathy treatment along with Ayurveda. I even suggest going for mastectomy and not for reconstruction as it results in stomach pain. 

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