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Role Of Organic Food In The Battle Against Cancer

Cancer is a fatal disease that causes the growth of abnormal cells in the body. As the exact cause of the disease is unknown, you must know that the tumor grows and spreads throughout your body. If you are in the process of Cancer Treatment or cancer preventive care, Organic food enhances your chances of remaining cancer-free. According to a recent study, Organic food lowers the risk and prevents blood and Breast Cancer symptoms.

What is organic food?

Organic food does not use genetically modified Seeds (GMO), and are grown without chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Animal products such as egg, cheese, milk, and animal meat that is raised without the consumption of antibiotics or growth hormones are deemed as organic. When compared to non-organic options, Organic food has a greater nutritional value. Best cancer treatments involve you to have a healthy diet and cut down on processed food.

A recent study on how Organic food helps in preventive care for Cancer Treatment

According to research, there is a 24% reduction in the risk of various types of cancer for people who consume Organic food compared to people who do not.

There was research in France that examined 69,000 people based on their consumption of Organic food on a regular basis. They were observed for 5 years to see how many of them develop cancer.

What did the researchers ask the people to do?

  • The research involved approximately 69000 participants (78% of women aged roughly around 44 years). The study started in 2009 and had connections with the nutrition, diet, and health of the people.
  • The participants were asked to provide information on their sociodemographic status, lifestyle behavior, body measurements, health status at the start of the study.
  • After 2 months, they were asked how often they have consumed different organic products including, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, wine, chocolate, and coffee.

The outcome of the research:

After examining the eating habits of the participants for 4.5 years, it was seen that out of all the participants, 1,340 people developed cancer. The types of cancer included the following:

  • Breast Cancer Symptoms
  • Skin Cancer Symptoms
  • Prostate Cancer symptoms
  • Bowel cancer symptoms

What was the conclusion of the research?

The study concluded that Organic food might not be the immediate cure of cancer, but a high frequency of its consumption has reduced the risk of cancer. It was confirmed by the study that the promotion of organic food, in general, must be considered as it is the best strategy for Cancer Treatment and prevention.

Despite the reports, there is not a 100% guarantee that Organic food is the ultimate cure for cancer. Side effects can be caused when taking other cancer treatments like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, among many others. The study did not directly demonstrate that Organic food is the best Cancer Treatment.

People who had consumed Organic food had healthier lifestyles in comparison to the others. They were also regular to exercise and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. There was still a chance that these factors have had a positive influence. Thereby, the research that claims that food is the ultimate preventive care for Cancer Treatment remains unproven.

The diet and metabolic counseling for cancer still recommend focusing on a healthy diet with a rich variety of fruits, fibers, vegetables, low processed food, and so on to maintain a healthy diet. Eating healthy food and avoiding smoking and drinking can reduce your chances of having cancer significantly.

It is known that Organic food has a higher nutritional value compared to non-organic options. Food can be a bit more expensive than the general products found at the supermarket and might not always be available. Even though all the products might not be organically available, some organic products are better than none. It is better if you opt for organic products such as pulses, eggs, milk, and so on to avoid the risks of cancer and other chronic diseases.


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