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Breast Cancer Side Effects After Treatment

Breast Cancer Side Effects After Treatment

Breast cancer is the most common cancer which is diagnosed in Indian women living in urban areas. While the women living in rural areas are also likely affected by the disease and it is found that Breast Cancer is the second most common disease in Indian women from rural areas. Although there are fewer cases of Breast Cancer the numbers are rising rapidly and so are Breast Cancer side effects after treatment.

Mastectomy is a surgical procedure in which the whole of the breast or both breasts are removed. It is the most prevalent form of surgery for Breast Cancer. But with the various types of research in medical sciences, now we have advanced techniques to cure Breast Cancer. It just takes two to three hours to complete this surgery. But that is enough to compensate for a short trip to hell. These treatments are called quadrantectomy and lumpectomy. But, the centre of attention for this article is Mastectomy. So, it will be discussed in detail.

Breast Cancer Side Effects After Treatment

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With a survival rate of 66.6% ofBreast Cancerin India, effectivecancer treatmentbecomes a necessity. But, apart from thesurgeryitself the aftermaths of thesurgerytoo are challenging. As side effects in Breast Cancer treatments are seen frequently, So, to aid people there are various complementary therapies that not only provide support to the patient to prepare for theSurgerybut also help to deal with the recuperation process.

After Mastectomy even small things matter

The dishevelled being you had been for the past few weeks or months will now start getting back on the right track in life. Whatever felt like earth-shattering tremors will feel like slight shakes. Your body will try to cope with the strange sensations running through your body. So, having a strong will to live and live happily should be your ultimate notion. To achieve that, a few things should be followed:

  • Do not overlook pain, if you experiencepainmore than usual, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Keep the routine exercise going on.
  • Since all the rest you had after surgery, your body's stamina will decrease, and you will feel a deficit of energy, therefore, have a proper diet.
  • Be very observant of all the side effects ofcancer treatment.
  • You can buy a camisole with pockets to carry your drains. The camisoles are a significant part. You will have to wear them until the drains are removed.
  • While taking a shower you can use a belt made of cloth having pockets.
  • While riding in a vehicle, you can use a pad so that the drains do not irritate.

All these products can be easily bought from pharmacies or online websites.

Recovery procedure

Recovery is mental and physical, as well. Therefore it will take time. Physical scars will be healed eventually, but the mental ones depend on how strongly you handle the whole situation. Patients can also choose integrative oncology which provides complete assistance in all phases ofCancer Treatment.

Scientifically the recovery time would be around three to four weeks, but it is entirely dependent upon the patient's convenience. There are certain things to keep in mind while recovering which are

  • The proper amount of rest
  • From time to time meditation
  • Maintain cleanliness to avoid infection
  • Take your account off the whole situation
  • Exercise every day as directed by the doctors

Early detection of Breast Cancer is necessary for surgical treatment to be employed. So, the procedure can be initiated before the cancerous cells replicate and double in number. With the hectic lifestyle, we rarely get time for medical checkups. Most of us do not even know our family medical history. Therefore, it is advised to all the women out there, healthy or not, not to overlook any pain or any such minor problem, which would turn out to be monstrous in the future. Take some time off for yourself. You deserve it.

Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment

Managing the side effects of breast cancer treatment is an important aspect of comprehensive care. By understanding and addressing the physical and emotional challenges that can arise during treatment, individuals can enhance their quality of life and overall well-being. Remember to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance and support tailored to your specific situation.

  1. Physical Side Effects: Learn about physical side effects such as fatigue, hair loss, nausea, vomiting, changes in appetite, and weight fluctuations that can occur during breast cancer treatment. Discover tips and remedies for managing these side effects to enhance comfort and overall well-being.
  2. Emotional and Psychological Impact: Understand the emotional and psychological challenges that can arise during breast cancer treatment, including anxiety, depression, fear, body image concerns, and changes in sexual health. Explore coping strategies, support networks, and resources to address and navigate these emotional side effects.
  3. Lymphedema and Surgical Complications: Explore the risk of lymphedema, a potential side effect of breast cancer surgery, characterized by swelling in the arm or breast area. Learn about preventive measures, early detection, and management strategies. Additionally, discover other potential surgical complications and how they can be managed or treated.
  4. Hormonal Therapy and Menopausal Symptoms: If hormonal therapy is part of the treatment plan, be prepared for potential menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, and vaginal dryness. Learn about lifestyle changes, medications, and alternative therapies that can help manage these symptoms.
  5. Long-term Effects and Survivorship: Consider the long-term effects of breast cancer treatment, such as bone health issues, heart problems, and the increased risk of secondary cancers. Understand the importance of survivorship care plans, regular check-ups, and healthy lifestyle choices to minimize long-term risks.

Breast Cancer Side Effects After Treatment

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