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Rahul Sharma (Mouth Cancer Survivor)

I was a fitness freak from the beginning. I run my own business & have been into modeling. My mom had cancer. She expired due to cancer. Also, I used to have a lifestyle of partying often. In 2014, I had a mouth ulcer that didn’t heal for a month. I consulted the doctor who said it’s nothing to worry about. I was asked to take multivitamins. He gave me multivitamins for a year. It started dying. I consulted another doctor and he did my biopsy. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Carcinoma mouth cancer. It was in my buccal mucosa. 

Family reaction-

At first, I didn’t tell anyone. After knowing about Mouth cancer, they never showed any sympathy. They constantly forced me to go to work. They never made me feel like I have cancer. My wife supported me throughout. She believed in spirituality, and somehow she knew that I would recover soon. 


I went to Mumbai, where Dr. Sultan Pradhan did my face surgery. It was a 12-hour surgery. For 10-hours, I had a plastic surgery team with me because he didn’t want my face to get destroyed. Ten days after the surgery, I didn’t even feel like I had cancer. I didn’t get any radiation or chemotherapy.  


After eight months, it recurred. I went back to Mumbai, where the doctor did my biopsy. The doctor said it can’t be operated on now and I have to go for radiation. This was the time I felt how dangerous it was. The doctor suggested 31 radiations and three chemos. The doctor initially prescribed six chemos, but because of the side effects, I didn’t do it. I got the chemo & radiation in Jaipur itself. I lost my weight from 90kg to 65.

Side effects of chemo and radiations

All the Mouth Cancer treatments caused damage to the pancreas. This resulted in diabetes & thyroid. Radiation and chemotherapy damaged my quality of life. It’s been 5years and I have never visited the hospital for a check-up because that reminds me of this disease. Radiation & chemotherapy are harmful & poisonous. As an alternative one can do yoga, pranayama, running, and exercise. These are the only treatments to cure this. The treatment caused pain. otherwise, there was no pain in the body. I used to eat and drink through a tube. I was not able to eat or drink anything properly because of the radiation. I was not able to eat spicy food. The treatment was complete hell. I felt awkward eating outside because of the difficulty in opening my mouth. I lost 90 to 65 kg. I recommend people to go for homeopathy and ayurvedic treatments so they can manage the side-effects. 

Method to cure the side effects

I was on allopathic treatment only, but I switched to ayurvedic, which helped in curing ulcers in 3 to 4 days. Being mentally strong is essential for one to get fixed. There is no such treatment to fight the side effects. The side effects will come and will be there for 2-4 years or more. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing exercise, and yoga. If you have the willpower, you can cure the side effects. I took homeopathic treatment that helped in recovering 80% of my salivary glands.


You should be active, perform yoga, pranayama & exercise. Believe in mother nature; it has so much that can help in cure. Mix yourself with nature. Eat things produced from nature like fruits, and vegetables. Switch to vegetarian food. Mother nature can cure everything. 


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