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Priyanka Dutta (Breast Cancer)

Priyanka Dutta (Breast Cancer)

Dutta was diagnosed with breast cancer at the fourth stage. Doctors predicted that she wouldn't live long due to her poor health. She couldn't get out of bed. She was unable to cope with the side effects of her medical treatment.

We were contacted by her family. We guided her through our anti-cancer lifestyle programme because she was not responding to any medicine. This tailored programme assisted her in coping with the treatment's side effects. It also aided in the improvement of stamina and immunity. She can now complete all of her tasks on her own. Previously, the weight had not been managed; however, with the assistance of an anti-cancer diet, the weight has increased. She can eat well and at the appropriate time. She is grateful to ZenOnco for bringing joy and positivity into her life.

Priyanka says, I had lost all hopes. But ZenOnco has proved to be a miracle in my life. I had never thought of life being so good again. I thank ZenOnco from the bottom of my heart.

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