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Pooja (Breast Cancer)

Pooja (Breast Cancer)

Pooja was told she had triple negative breast cancer. Herceptin was causing rashes on her body, so she was experiencing side effects. Her cancer was also progressing rapidly, and she was becoming increasingly frail.

Her doctor's medications for side effects were not alleviating her symptoms. She was nauseous and vomiting all the time, making it difficult for her to eat anything. Her cancer had spread rapidly, according to doctors.

Her caregiver contacted us for assistance with the side effects she was experiencing. We connected Pooja with Dr. Sayed Tahir, our medical cannabis expert. She experienced satisfied with the consultation. The doctor prescribed her medical cannabis medication and medical cannabis balm to treat her condition. Both of these medications produced positive results within a month. They even assisted in the management of the medical treatment's side effects.

Pooja began taking supplements as well. It aided in increasing her stamina and decreasing her weakness. Her nausea and vomiting are now under control. These positive results were visible after only one month.

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