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Pawan Ramrakhiani (Brain Cancer Survivor)

Pawan Ramrakhiani (Brain Cancer Survivor)

A painful diagnosis

Fighting Glioblastoma (Brain Cancer) is not an easy task. When Pawan Ramrakhiani got his Stage 4 Glioblastoma diagnosis, his life came to a standstill. His symptoms were persistent, as constant pain and seizures were bothering him regularly. He, in fact, underwent many treatments like cyberknife, targeted therapy and radiation to bring the cancer under control. But everything was in vain as neither his tumour nor his symptoms showed signs of reduction.

Persistence and Belief

Even though conventional methods were not working as planned, Pawan was sceptical about going ahead with Complementary and Alternative Medicines. He consulted many doctors to understand these treatment protocols. In the process, he met Dr Tahir.

Dr Tahir spoke to him of the benefits of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and how it eases symptoms of tumour and quickens healing. He suggested Medical Cannabis treatment and helped Pawan understand how it would ease his pain. Pawan started medical cannabis treatment along with an Anti-Cancer Diet. As the treatment continued for two months, he started noticing visible changes and his seizures were also under control.

Against all Odds

By Gods grace, after a recent MRI, he found out that the size of the tumour had decreased. Pawan is currently planning to supplement his treatment with Ayurvedic Medicines as these treatment methods positively impacted him. suggests that patients open the doors to Complementary & Alternative Medicines as they have been proven to be helpful, when administered along with conventional cancer treatment.

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