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Nisha (Breast Cancer): Cancer Changed My Life For The Better

Nisha (Breast Cancer): Cancer Changed My Life For The Better

They say Cancer is a deadly disease that can kill you if you do not treat it at the early stage. Almost everyone who hears it gets afraid of dying and agrees to start whatever treatment that the doctor prescribes. What is cancer? Why does it occur in our bodies? Not many pauses to ask these questions. But luckily, I did, and I will be forever grateful for it.

I was diagnosed with cancer back in 2016. I lumped my breast for a while now and have been doing regular tests. But I noticed that it had grown, so I went for a check-up. After a bunch of tests, doctors told me that I had cancer and had to go through Chemotherapy as soon as possible. As naive as I was back then, my first worry was that I did not want to gain weight like a friend of mine did when she went through this. So, I went back home and googled if it was really necessary to go through Chemotherapy to cure cancer. I came across the website 'Chris Beat Cancer', a story of a guy curing his cancer without any treatment.

It made me believe that I also can beat cancer without chemo if he can. There was this list of 20 questions on his website to ask your Oncologist, I took a printout of it. When I went with my husband to an oncologist with the diagnosis report in my hand, I was terrified of what I was going to hear. But a few minutes in we started popping the question from the list one by one. The answer I received put me in complete ease, so much so that I was laughing inside. The answers were exactly what was predicted by Chris in his questions.

When we walked out, my husband said that nobody can predict when someone will die and why we to focus on dying when we can focus on living. With that, it was decided that conventional treatment was not for me. Neither was the regimen suggested by Chris. Then began my search for a natural regimen that would suit me. Starting with looking for nutritionists, meeting with a naturopath, and coming across Sharon India, it was quite the journey. With the help of Sharon India, I realized a plant-based whole-food plant-based lifestyle was the answer, at least for me.

All this sparked an interest in me, to know more about Naturopathy and related subject. After some days, I did an Ultrasound to check. This time it was a new doctor and I chose not to tell about the previous diagnosis. She saw the lump and said treatment was necessary. I politely declined and continued with what I was doing. A little later, I went for another Ultrasound. This time, the doctor was quite alarmed as she saw that the lump had grown.

But even after a lot of insisting on going for treatment, I stood my ground. It was when I went for the third time that the doctor became interested in what I was doing instead of treatment. Because this time report showed that it has reduced in half. Soon after, the lump was malignant, but my journey did not stop there. I went on to receive certification in naturopathy and got into Nature cure. All this made me realize that the root of the problem is how far away we are from Mother Nature. Another equally important thing is our mindset. Our thoughts do manifest in real life, and I believe that my positive mindset and belief also played a major part in my healing.

Today, I am a happy woman living every day with a zeal to learn more and live more. The news that was supposed to be a tragedy turned into a blessing that changed my life for the better. My family, whose diet centered on meat and animal products, has gone Vegan and they are thanking me for it. Now, I hope to help as many people as I can, to pause and ask some questions before giving in to the fear of death. Life is not avoiding death at any cost but it is living to the fullest accepting that death is inevitable.

This is the best advice from Nisha, 'to pause and ask questions'. When you are on a journey of fighting your illness, do not just follow one person or one article that you read somewhere. Because what worked for others might not work for you. Asking questions, on the other hand, can lead you on the right path.

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