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Kusum Lata (Breast Cancer Relapsed in Bone)

Kusum Lata (Breast Cancer Relapsed in Bone)

How it all began 

About 8-10 years back, I found a lump in my breast but I ignored it and focused on household chores and kids. I kept ignoring it for many years. I also used to feel shooting pain in my left breast. Since it was on the left side, I was confused with a heart problem or gastric issue. I took it lightly and never got it checked with a doctor. One day, I realized that the lump under my left breast that used to move was fixed in one place. I was 99.9% sure that it was Breast Cancer. I talked to my husband and started taking homeopathic medicines to treat the issue. 

Diagnosis and Treatment- 

I then visited a hospital and got the Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) test done which showed that I had cancer. I went to another hospital to get a PET scan. After all the tests were done, it was found out that the cancer had already started spreading. The cancer was in its 2nd stage. 

I had an operation the next day for my breast removal.15-20 days after the surgery, Chemotherapy started at the same hospital. I had severe side-effects like nausea, headache, constipation, bloating, and vomiting after the chemotherapy sessions. I also had a body ache 2 days after the first chemotherapy session. I was prescribed injections and oral medicines like Ultracet but none of it helped me with the side-effects. The first chemotherapy was very difficult for me. Although I knew that it had many side-effects, experiencing them was much more difficult than what I had imagined.

After the second session of chemotherapy, I discovered that all these side-effects were due to high blood caused by chemo. My doctor allowed me to take ayurvedic, homeopathic, or any other medicine to treat the side-effects. I faced too much for the first week after every chemotherapy session and gradually got improved in the following week.

My family was a great support to me during that period. My husband and my children always boosted me up and motivated me to fight the disease. They cared for me well and helped me in all ways possible.

A cancer patient can never be successful with the treatment and heal without the love and support of their family. Im thankful to have such a supportive and caring family who took every possible step to get me through that situation.

What went wrong- 

After the Chemotherapy and Radiation, my doctor prescribed me the medicine Letrozole. I took it religiously without skipping a day, but it had severe side-effects on my body. My fingers in the hand got stiff and I couldnt move it at all. I had to get physiotherapy to help me with the problem, and move my fingers again. Due to this, my doctor prescribed me another medicine, Tamoxifen, as a replacement. I took it for some days but later stopped taking it fearing the side-effects. 

In the next 1.5 years, the pain kept on increasing in my back. After the pain was unbearable, I decided to visit the doctor again. At first, the doctor thought that it must be due to the cold weather and weakness. We still got an MRI scan done and discovered that the cancer had relapsed and spread in the bones of my back and ribs. 

I got Radiation therapy done which has helped me a little with the back pain. Im currently going through chemotherapies.  

Due to the delay in diagnosis of cancer in the bone, one of the bones in my back is also broken now. I have to wear a supportive belt all the time to help me with the pain and broken bones. 

Im not scared of the fact that I have Cancer

I still do my house chores as much as my body allows.I feel better when I work at home. I was very much physically active  before Cancer and stayed active all the time. 

I will recommend all the fellow cancer patients to live their life happily and face every challenge with a smile. Dont be bothered by what others say to you. 

I request every cancer warrior to listen to the doctor and follow everything they say since they know whats best for you. I made the mistake of not taking the medicines fearing the side-effects and it has cost me a lot. 

I have always had a very strong will-power which has helped me fight through all my problems. My friends and family always supported me when I was feeling low. 

You can achieve anything in your life if you have a strong determination to do it. Every cancer patient can be treated if they have the will to live.

Bring positivity to your life. If you see someone with negative thoughts, cheer them up and motivate them to think positively.

How did I handle the news of Cancer- 

At first, I didnt tell my children about it. I knew they would get stressed about the fact that I have cancer. I was scared to tell them. When I finally gained the courage to tell them, I told them that I had cancer but I also assured them that Ill be fine soon and they should not be worried.

Live your life the way it comes to you. Be thankful for what you have got and live to the fullest. I urge everyone to not take cancer as a deadly disease and fight back. 

Message to other cancer patients-

Cancer doesnt mean that you will die. It does cause some problems but you should face those problems and live happily again.

Dont lose hope. Good times do come after bad times. Stay away from negativity and do what makes you happy. If you stay positive, you can heal any type of cancer.

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