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Sumit Rane (Caregiver Of Breast Cancer Survivor)

Sumit Rane (Caregiver Of Breast Cancer Survivor)

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

My mom had a lump in her breast, but she hid it for six months because she didn't want to hear that she had Breast Cancer. She used to watch TV, and she knew that if someone had a lump, there was a chance that it could be Breast Cancer. Therefore, she did not want to come out. But then suddenly one day, she told my younger brother that she could feel a lump in her breast.

We immediately consulted a doctor who advised us to do a sonogram. When the sonography reports came, he told us to consult with another hospital. Just after hearing the hospital's name, my blood pressure shot up to 200 because I had always thought that cancer was rare, and would not happen to anyone around me. I could not sleep those days, because my nearest and dearest person was suspected of Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment

We went to the hospital and ran here and there to ensure that our mother got attention. Finally, some tests were done, but the doctors couldn't come to any conclusion.

They asked us for a biopsy, but we had to wait 21 days to get the result. So for 21 days, we had this thought in our mind about whether the tumour would grow more. Finally, she was operated and underwent a lumpectomy. Then the Biopsy results came, and we came to know that she had stage 3 Breast Cancer. She underwent six cycles of Chemotherapy and three Radiation therapy cycles.

Even though I knew that losing hair, dysentery, constipation, and severe Pain in bones, were all side effects of chemotherapy, it was hard for me to see my mom bald. I wanted her to absorb the realities gradually so that she would not react negatively to the Chemotherapy schedule, and I am happy that she handled everything with so much positivity.

She started doing kriya Yoga and walking, which helped her a lot. Her state of mind was always like "I am going to come out of this, and that worked wonders for her.

We have three sons, and we used to distribute our work. Since all of us are educated, we used to recheck every report, and that used to give us confidence. After that, we used to go for a follow-up every three months.

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She is a confident woman

She was better prepared to handle the situation than all of us. My family members and I were disheartened, thinking about how we would face the cancer, but she was the one giving us confidence, saying that she would come out of it. While the caregivers are supposed to provide confidence to the patient, in our case, it was the opposite.

Now, all the mammogram reports are coming negative, and she only has a tablet to take daily. She is doing good, and even her hair has grown back to as it was before the treatment.

Parting Message

You should have a positive state of mind and believe that if your body can create cancer, then it can heal it too. Don't be stressed, try to collect information about your disease and treatment, and self-examine yourself from time to time. Follow a healthy lifestyle and be in a stress-free environment.

Kriya Yoga or Sudarshan Kriya or any other form of meditation method not only relaxes the mind but also trains it to be thoughtless(thoughts of Cancer also) and thereby stress-free.

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