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Healing Circle Talks with Pukhraj Singh:The power of mind

Healing Circle Talks with Pukhraj Singh:The power of mind

Healing circles at Love Heals Cancer

Love Heals Cancer offers sacred conversational platforms known as Healing Circles for the sole purpose of giving a safe space for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and other relevant individuals to share their feelings and experiences. These Healing Circles come with zero judgment. They are a platform for individuals to rediscover their purpose in life and achieve motivation and support for attaining happiness and positivity. Cancer Treatment is an overwhelming and daunting process for the patient and the family and caregivers involved. At these Healing Circles, we give individuals space to share their stories and feel at ease. Moreover, the Healing Circles are based on different topics every time so that we can help individuals reflect on elements like positivity, mindfulness, meditation, medical treatment, therapies, optimism, etc.

An overview of the webinar

The fundamental protocols of every Healing Circle are: treating every participating individual with kindness and consideration, listening to everybody's stories and experiences without judgment, celebrating and honoring every individual's journey of healing, and believing in ourselves to attain peace. We all are capable of achieving mindfulness, which provides a swift healing process. This webinar revolved around the power of the mind and how we can unlock it to achieve our dreams, wishes, and, most importantly, healing amidst the Pain. The secret to healing lies within ourselves.

Several stories unquestionably touched the hearts of the participants, one of them being Diana. Diana, a young woman, was diagnosed with Lung Cancer at a very early age. She was initially diagnosed with colon cancer, recovered from it, and then fell prey to Lung Cancer.  Lung Cancer is at a severe stage where it has even critically spread to the brain. While the doctors had no hopes, she was optimistic.

Today, it has been over 13 years; she is stronger and healthier than ever. She and her husband are dedicated to serving different cancer patients throughout the world. Her belief in herself, her determination, her strong mind, and her love for her husband are the sole reasons for her recovery. Her beautiful journey is the sole proof that if you are determined, grateful, hopeful, and love yourself, even the impossible is possible.

Introduction to the speaker: Mr. Pukhraj Singh

Mr. Pukhraj Singh works as a volunteer with NGO Cansupport, where he works especially with teenagers diagnosed with cancer. He attempts to change their thought process through counseling, positivity, inspirational stories, nutritional facts, and alternative therapies for fighting cancer. And he has also worked with over 350 of the poorest patients at the AIIMS, Dharamshala. He says, "All I do is hear and share their suffering, try to make them smile, take care of their medicines and diagnostic needs, and in the end, I just hug them.....all this works like a powerful therapy".

Mr. Pukhraj also enlightened the participants on the beautiful story of Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 23. He wrote a heartwarming and inspiring book called 'It's Not About the Bike.' He was a passionate cyclist who had testicular cancer. After recovering from chemotherapy, he fell into Depression. As a young survivor, he realized his passion for cycling.

While he was just an ordinary cyclist all his life, he decided to take part in the world's toughest cycling race, which meant he had to cycle through France's snow and mountains for a total of 180km a day. He gained peak popularity for winning the race. Lance was in awe when his doctor suggested that Lance's survival rate was merely 3% when he was diagnosed with cancer. He won the same cycling race for 7 years in a row. The chief component that he mentioned in his books is how grateful he was to have been diagnosed with cancer. He sheds light on how cancer came as a blessing in disguise and helped him create the most beautiful life for himself.

Our speaker, Mr. Pukhraj Singh, is a dedicated individual who has been working with several cancer patients and survivors for over a decade now. He is passionate about helping teenagers with chronic illnesses like cancer. In brief, he aims to help them view their lives from another perspective, thereby enhancing and changing their thought process.

Focal highlights of the webinar

  • Asking the universe to give you what you want can work wonders and help you achieve the ultimate healing.
  • Life is beautiful when you love people without any hidden agenda. The speaker sheds light on the simple fact that if you love somebody disregarding their qualities or attributes and without any expectations, not only will you encounter the beauty in life but will also remain content within yourself.
  • The way you perceive your life, rather than the mindset you choose to have matters extensively. The speakers reflect on how having a positive and strong mindset is necessary to encounter the beautiful magic of healing. Whatever conditions you might be in, you must always stay determined and hopeful.
  • While undergoing cancer treatment, cancer patients encounter high levels of emotional distress and physical pain caused by chemotherapy's side effects. In the entire process, patients, caregivers, and close friends and family go through varied social, mental, and psychological trauma. The journey starts with shock, disbelief, desperation, greed, and finally, acceptance. While most cancer facilities don't consider these elements, it is vital to deal with them to achieve mindfulness.

A Glimpse into the Key Points of the Webinar

Mr. Pukhraj quotes a beautiful saying- to heal the body, you must heal the mind. As hard as undergoing a traumatic experience of cancer diagnosis is, you must always remember to have a healthy mindset, along with a positive outlook. Instead of questioning "Why me," we must embrace our journey and fight cancer with a big fat smile. Tell yourself you are strong until you become strong. More than anybody, you are the only one who can help yourself. While your friends and family may support you and guide you, you can only heal when you truly decide to.

  • Your zeal is the key to healing. Mr. Pukhraj talks about how it is important to never give up on your dreams and continue doing what you love passionately. Do not indulge your time overthinking about the disease you're suffering from. Rather, challenge it. He talks about how your passion for your goals and dreams can help you heal. Instead of fretting about losing out on life, we must cherish every bit of our life and appreciate our loved ones. We cannot let a mere illness get the best of us because we are stronger than that.
  • Analyzing and determining the answer to why you want to heal, thereby imagining and jotting down the reasons, are the very initial, rather baby steps, to a beautiful journey of recovering.
  • You do not necessarily need to be a cancer counselor to heal someone, but you just need a heart to serve.
  • Placebo effect may work wonders. If you follow anything with the belief that it will cure you, it might cure you. In other words, however large the disease may be, you should know "dil ko kaise buddhu banaye" (ie, how to fool yourself).
  • Sharing is a gift that multiplies happiness and divides sorrows. It is one of the best gifts that anybody can give anyone.


The principal purpose of this webinar was to help individuals recover from feeling lost and hopeless. After several participants shared their touching stories and experiences, every individual in the webinar felt peace and gratitude. Several participants indulged in this interactive session by talking about how the power of the mind has helped them heal. The speaker spoke about how emotions play an imperative role in the healing process through the power of the mind.

How can the power of the mind help you heal?

This webinar was one of the most inspiring and motivating webinars, where several individuals participated in sharing their beautiful stories of recovery. The primary element of all of these stories suggests that the power of mind extensively depends on your attitude. Combining all the factors mentioned above can help you successfully boost your psychological, physical, mental, and emotional health.

It is saddening that the entire process of Cancer Treatment can be dreadful and scary. However, we must understand that if we truly believe in ourselves, the power of the mind, and the power of good, healing can happen with ease.

Love Heals Cancer is pleased and grateful for the tremendous participation of every individual and speaker in this webinar. We acknowledge the efforts that every participant has put into this webinar, thereby making it successful. We are dedicated to consistently offering this positive space for individuals who feel lost or just want to share their feelings with other individuals whom they can relate to.

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