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Interview with Dr. Srinivas B

Interview with Dr. Srinivas B

He is currently working in Bangalore. He is a specialized oncologist surgeon offering several medical services like chemotherapy, G.I Cancer, cancer treatment, oral cancer treatment, breast cancer treatment, cancer treatment screening & hormone therapy for breast cancer. 

What is breast cancer? How does one deal with its symptoms & side effects? 

It is one of the common cancers. The main symptom is the presence of a lump in the breast. The lump can be cancerous & non-cancerous which the screening tests will prove. Once the results come the patient will be put into examination. This will help to detect the staging of cancer. Depending on the stage the treatment is takes place. There are three treatments mainly surgery, chemotherapy & radiation. 

How much do regular breast checkups help in the prevention of breast cancer? 

The lack of awareness & having social fear leads the tumor to an advanced stage. This is something that makes it a little serious. Women must undergo screening tests at 45 years old, especially if they have any family history. After that in 1 or 2 years, they can undergo the mammography. By this, cancer can be detected at an early age & can be cured. 

How is hormone therapy useful in breast cancer? 

Once the patient has surgery, chemotherapy & radiation, the patient gets hormonal therapy for 5-10 years depending on the risk factor. If the cancer is at stage 4, the patient is given hormonal therapy. The side effects are fewer. It can be given at home too. 

What are the early signs of Oral Cancers? 

The early sign is an ulcer in the mouth. These are caused because of Tobacco. The change in voice is another sign. These signs are painless & can be early detected. 

How should one manage the symptoms & side effects? 

Once they detect the symptom they must consult the doctor & get the biopsy done. They should go for testing of the tissues & if it's cancerous the doctor can go ahead with treatment. 

In what case is surgery important? 

During the early stages, surgery is enough i.e. stages 1 & 2. In stages 3 & 4, the surgery is not conducted and radiation is given. 

How can patients manage treatment-related side effects? 

Sometimes radiation leaves a mouth ulcer which can be managed with mouthwash. 

What are the misconceptions with regards to cancer in society? 

  • Cancer is painful. Generally, all cancer in the early stage is painless 
  • If you touch a cancerous person cancer will spread but cancer doesn't spread by touching. 
  • Cancer is genetically transferred but it’s just 5-10% of the total number. 
  • Cancer is a death sentence, but 75-80% of cancer is curable. 
  • Listening to other people’s advice, Some don't go to the hospital for treatment and listen to others for opinions. 
  • Chemotherapy will make patients weak. So one should not go for chemo treatment. One should talk to their doctor rather than listening to people. 

How do you access the patient & determine what type of treatment they require? 

Treatment depends on stages. Like in lung cancer stage 1 just surgery is required but in stage 3 or 4 the complete treatment of chemo & radiation is required. 

How important is it for patients to stick to their follow-ups post-surgery? 

Most of the patients don’t come up for follow-up. For 1 year, the patient has to turn up every three months. Patients should follow whatever plan their doctor has made for them to get the chances less for recurrence of cancer. 

What should cancer patients keep in mind during Covid? 

They should follow the same general guidelines followed by the general public. During covid time, the intensity of treatment is given less so that they don't have much chance of getting affected by Covid. Patients should avoid going to the hospitals unless it's necessary. The follow-ups can be done online. Everyone whether they are having chemo or not should take vaccination except for the cases of leukemia & lymphoma. 

What is the importance of early detection & self-examination? 

In the oral cavity, the examination can be done by just looking into the mirror & observing the ulcer in the mouth. Patients can then consult the doctor for further treatment. 

In breast cancer, there are charts available that help women in examining their breasts & identify the lumps. In case of any doubt, they should consult the doctor immediately.

How do you think is helping people? 

It’s a great platform for most patients to get educated themselves with all the videos & other educational materials. is doing a wonderful job of spreading awareness among people.

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