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Healing Circle Talks with Dr. Darshna Thakker, Emotional Immunity

Healing Circle Talks with Dr. Darshna Thakker, Emotional Immunity

In our cancer Healing Circle Talks with Dr. Darshna Thakker, we discuss about building emotional immunity. Over the past few months, we have learned about social distancing to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 virus. But the other kind of distancing many of us have been learning is emotional distancing. Talking about emotional immunity, Dr. Darshna Thakker is an amazing Gynecologist, and the owner of Sarjan Healthcare, a maternity and nursing home based in Ahmedabad. She works with cancer patients and is one of the few medical professionals to have worked extensively with Louis Hay, an international author, speaker, soulful teacher, healer, an artist and most importantly, a cancer survivor who has devised path-breaking ways to heal and revive emotional well-being, especially cancer patients.

Health cafe

Dr. Darshna Thakker hosts several retreats for cancer patients. The cafe is a sacred space for cancer patients and their families to read books, meditate, enjoy nature, talk to therapists and counselors for emotional healing and mental well-being. Dr. Darshna claims that people run to doctors for the smallest of reasons. For the slightest of back pains and headaches, people run to orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. According to W.H.O, 80% of such cases are psycho-somatic, meaning related to the mind. Thus, over 80% of the ailments are believed to be induced by thinking patterns.

The Real Pandemic

The real pandemic that refuses to leave the planet is stress and hypertension. If you ask any school-going child, he or she will say that she is stressed out about homework, good grades, peer-pressure, and a variety of other things. People do not realize that stress leads to hypertension, diabetes, and other illnesses.

Emotional Immunity

Thus, we need to build emotional immunity, something which has a direct impact on the human body. Suppressed thinking leads to cancer. No one in this world has never been hurt. But nobody wants to be hurt. Many people fear to express themselves and these suppressed thoughts have a toll on the body. People do not realize how much it costs to resist thoughts. Human beings, in general, look forward to helping others but are not comfortable in accepting help from others.


Self-Love is one thing that will help us deal with issues including cancer. Many people hesitate to open up. Create a circle of closed ones involving your spouse, parents, children, and siblings. After that, create a circle with colleagues, co-workers, acquaintances, friends, and extended family members. We are fortunate to be gifted with a state of emotions.

The Army Within

People, the world over, are worried whether they will die of COVID-19. They fail to remember that they are born with an army within their bodies called the White Blood Cells (WBCs). In Healing Circle Talks, we revisit those processes towards becoming healthy and sound again. The World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Emotional Resilience

If we can withstand any circumstances or adversaries in life, it is called emotional resilience. We are so naive that others affect our happiness and though we intend to remain happy, we blame others for our unhappiness. We then enter into a blame game and while handling emotions, the first thing to be aware of is your emotional quotient.

Courage and Consistency

All of us deal with situations differently, but our thinking patterns matter the most. There is no use in blaming your fate. We create an environment where we criticize ourselves. We have lost the art of reading between the lines. Unspoken words and thoughts create a dent on our emotional strength. Courage and consistency is the key to navigate our ship through the winds of emotional turmoil.

Emotional Vices

Paranoia, envy, and anger have the power to reduce physical and mental immunity. If a chemo patient badmouths the therapy, he might be adversely affecting another patient. On the other hand, if he talks about a positive experience he has had, other patients will muster the courage to undergo the arduous therapy. The Ripple effect is both negative and positive.

Nurturing Thoughts

Do not feed negative thoughts. The Seeds of pessimism grow into permanent imprints on your subconscious mind. That gets converted into emotions and fear and finally into your behavior. If unchecked, these thoughts begin to hurt your mental and physical well-being.

Thought Cumulonimbus

Every single day, more than 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts cloud your mind. On average, around 2,500 to 3,500 thoughts linger around in your brain. More than 80% of them are repetitive. Your brain is nothing less than a hard drive. A single corrupted thought can affect your brain.

Flexing the Oblongata

Meditation is to the brain, what physical exercise is to the body. If you meditate even for fifteen minutes a day, look at how productive your day will be. It is one of the most effective practices against emotional instability.

A Blank Slate

The subconscious mind is a blank slate. Do not hold on to positive or negative thoughts while you meditate. Let them pass.

Dissecting the mind The Louis Kay way

Louis Kay, an internationally well-known cancer survivor and author conquered Cervical Cancer. An abusive childhood, unhappy parenting, or failed marital life could not deter her from fighting cancer. In 1980, when she got cervical cancer, she decided to deal with it her way. She started examining her thoughts since childhood and analyzing the patterns of her mind. Culture and character are honed right since childhood in kids. They emulate and ape their parents in every way possible.

The Game of Patterns

If you can change your thinking pattern, you can change your disease pattern. Any hobby or activity of your choice will act as that first step towards emotional healing and replace negative thoughts with optimism. It could be cooking, dancing, painting, singing, or anything under the sun. Go for Digital Dieting or abstinence from the usage of the internet and electronic items.

Music Therapy

It is a fact that certain frequencies affect the human mind. We don't have to become musicologists to decipher that 432 hertz or 528 hertz has therapeutic effects on our subconscious mind. The entire world knows that listening to music has a soothing effect on the mind.


Fix your gaze at yourself in the mirror. Get rid of unwanted feelings, let them pass. Be an onlooker and witness of all the emotions. Do not stick to them. Be fearless, Love yourself, and express yourself clearly. Do not hesitate to ask for your wishes to come true from the Cosmic Kitchen.

Lastly, Dr. Darshna Thakker appreciates Dimple Parmar and Kishan Shah, of Love Heals Cancer on their work to heal cancer patients, survivor, caregivers.

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