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Dr. Ruhi Mishra (Breast Cancer)

Dr. Ruhi Mishra (Breast Cancer)

Early Symptoms and Detection

In 2019, I was diagnosed with Purpura Vasculitis  that caused the small blood vessels in my skin, joints, and hands to become inflamed and bleed because of which I could not walk and move my hands properly. I've had this disease a few times earlier also but never thought that it could lead to something like this.So, going through this disorder again and again, I decided to get proper treatment for the same.I also had difficulty in breathing. I had swelling all over my hands due to Vasculitis.

So,I got myself hospitalized and got all the tests done. During its treatment I was given steroids. When scanning and biopsy were done,  it was unfortunately suspected to be Breast Cancer.

Treatment and Side Effects

I got my treatment and surgery done in Kokilaben Hospital. For the treatment, I underwent several cycles of chemotherapy and 15 Radiations. I hoped for the best and remained positive throughout the journey.

I experienced hair loss and baldness which was very difficult for me. My daughter was just 4  years old at that time but she was very mature enough to support me. She understood what I was going through and she was my biggest strength at that time.Reading Bhagwat Geeta also  helped me a lot during chemotherapy.

Challenges/ Battle With Breast Cancer

Last two chemo was really tough for me because Coronavirus had just started its spread during that time. Therefore, no hospital was ready to accomodate people for treatments. After completing last Radiation, I had to undergo oral-chemo as my cancer was triple negative. After 1-2 months of oral-chemo I got an infection in port, thereby suffering from high fever and shivers. 

Everyone was confused thinking whether it was coronavirus or infection. After 10 days of 106 degree celsius fever, I was hospitalised. Though I was covid negative, nobody in the hospital came close to me. When the doctors found out about the vein , they were sure that there was an infection in the port. They informed me and I had to undergo surgery immediately amidst high fever.  

After my port was removed, my fever came down but then I got bilateral lung failure. My oxygen level decreased drastically and I fell to the ground because of lack of strength in me. At that time everything seemed to come to an end.

My husband then decided to shift me to another hospital for better treatment. So, there I was in the ICU for around 10-15 days. Somehow I started to recover and finally came back home.

Changes Post- Cancer and Parting Words

I feel I am fully recovered now and I have made several changes in my lifestyle.

I do yoga regularly and follow a proper diet. Mediation has really helped me a lot.

I had that willpower in me to overcome this battle, especially for my daughter. I feel that if we have optimism, willpower, and mental strength to fight the disease, nobody can stop us from achieving it. There are problems in everyone's life and these are just part of your life. Ignore it and have faith. You canl definitely overcome anything in your life.
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