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Deepak Bhayani (Breast Cancer caregiver)

Deepak Bhayani (Breast Cancer caregiver)

How it all began:

In 2015 we went for a regular routine checkup at the hospital as we had some doubts regarding cancer. We were not sure about anything as there were no signs and symptoms as such. After various tests like biopsy, and CT scan we came to know that my wife has breast cancer. It was already spread to lymph nodes(stage 4 A).

Diagnosis and Treatment:

We went to the doctor for treatment which included surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. We did some alternative treatments along with chemotherapy. There were 5 cycles of chemo and after that, there was one cycle of oxysome. After this the surgery happened. After surgery, chemotherapy started again and lasted for 4 cycles. We went for regular checkups and everything was fine. She was under remission for the next 5 years. In 2020 she was diagnosed with breast cancer again which then spread to lymph nodes and also to the spinal cord. We had alternative medicines all the time and also followed panic healing. We chanted different mantras to keep negativity out of our doors and to help my wife bear the pain. We live in Mumbai and  treated her in Mumbai itself. We went to Brahma kumaris to get my wife treated. We showed the reports to Tata Memorial Hospital as well for a second opinion.My mother-in-law was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and unfortunately, she expired because of treatment error. Once when we went for a routine checkup, the doctor was doubtful that there was something wrong and he again asked for a mammogram. We agreed on this and the cancer was diagnosed again with metastasis on various parts of the body. Cancer recurred because we missed regular checkups. Her surgery was done in Leelavati hospital. She also underwent 76 radiation therapies. She faced a few side effects like hair fall, poor appetite and reduced WBC count during the treatment. 

How did you manage your professional life?

I am a hotel manager but I always keep my personal and professional life separate. During the day, I do my job and during the night I am with my family. I have one daughter who is doing her CA. She is also a great support in helping and taking care of her mother. We are three in the family and we  take care of each other.

How did we handle the news of Cancer?

This is news which can shock many people and it definitely gave us a shock as well. We were positive that it is just another disease. We treated my wife at home only and did not mention the disease to many people as we wanted to keep a positive environment around us .

Parting message

Be positive and have strong willpower. My wife has very strong willpower. She thinks about everything positively as well. She believes that doctors and medicines are doing their work. We just have to put our faith in god. She beat cancer one time, covid one time and now she will be able to beat cancer again.She is very positive that if God has given the problem he will find a solution as well. One must be positive and shall not get depressed. It is a long process but  it is curable. We should have a good lifestyle, do yoga and exercise regularly, and eat healthy food.

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