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Avinna Kumar Patra (Osteogenic Sarcoma): Helping Others Makes You Happy

Avinna Kumar Patra (Osteogenic Sarcoma): Helping Others Makes You Happy

I completed my diploma in engineering in 2006, and then I started working at a private firm. I was thrilled that I was just 18 and was doing a job 2000km away from my home town Balasore, Odisha. I started everything from the small village and then became the backbone of my house. I had so many thoughts and plans for my future. I was about to have a promotion after one year of my job.

Osteogenic Sarcoma Diagnosis

I was just a few steps away from all the small moments of happiness I was thinking of, but then suddenly, I developed an internal pain in my right femur. I tried taking a pain killer, but the pain was still there.

I consulted a doctor who did a minor Surgery and saw some irregularities. So, a Biopsy report was asked to be done. After ten days, the Biopsy reports came, and I got to know that it was osteogenic sarcoma,  it was a type of bone cancer. The doctors asked me to go to Mumbai. The doctors didn't tell me that it was cancer; they just asked for a CT scan because they could see cysts in a few parts of my body.

I went to TMH Mumbai and I got my CT scan done and came to know that osteogenic sarcoma is type of bone cancer. I lost all my patience and positivity when I realized that it was cancer and needed treatment for one and a half years. I was utterly lost. It felt like the ground had slipped off my feet. I had many negative thoughts; I thought what would happen, should I end it here only because now there is nothing to live for? I had suicidal thoughts. I didn't have the money for the treatment. So I thought that even if I started my treatment, I would not be able to complete it and would only end up spoiling my family's life too.

I cried a lot in front of the hospital. As my parents didn't know Hindi, they didn't know the depth of this news. They didn't have any idea about the treatment and the side effects; they only knew that it was cancer. They also cried a lot after seeing me cry.

After one hour, I went to the doctor and asked him what would happen if I didn't take the treatment. Dr Manish Agrwal gave me so much strength and support and said, "I am with you, and you start your treatment.

A Friend in Deed is a Friend Indeed

I belong to a middle-class family, and we did not have much financial security. Somehow, my friends collected some funds and they encouraged me to start primary treatment at TMH Mumbai after my parents managed the funds for my second Surgery by selling a few of our agricultural land and properties.

Osteogenic Sarcoma Treatment

I went to Bharat Seva Ashram Sangh, Vashi, Navi Mumbai for free accommodation. Bharat Seva Ashram was about 40km from the hospital. I was in Mumbai for one year. I was taken six cycles of Chemotherapy (3# before Surgery & 3# after surgery)

In August 2007, I had my implementation in the right femur. I have always heard that people tend to leave you in your dark phases, but I never thought it would happen in reality. I lost many of my friends on my cancer journey.

I had an infection during my second Chemotherapy. I was stuck in a hospital bed for 28 days for that infection. I was then out of money. I didn't have money to at least eat something. I could never forget those days. My parents didn't understand Hindi, so they could not communicate with doctors or with anyone else; they didn't know what was happening. I was not able to move; I was in a wheelchair.

Out of anger, I asked my Oncologist Dr S.k. Pai if any injections could end my life, please give them to me because I didn't have money. That doctor sent his assistant, who removed my catheter. He then converted my file in general and told me that I could meet him anytime at his clinic. I used to take Wheatgrass. I lost my taste buds during my Chemotherapy. I could not drink water, but my mother still used to feed me at least two spoons of water every hour. My friends, father, brother, family, doctors, nurses, and Bharat Seva Ashram Sangh supported me immensely.

Later, I had my second surgery, and in 2007, my Chemotherapy was completed. I celebrated the new year at my home. Many people came to my house to meet me.

I tried to gather my courage throughout the cancer journey, and from the financial crisis, I learned how we can move forward and how we can make it easy through various help many people and organizations provide.

From 2007, I was on follow-ups, and I also started a small business. In 2011, I had infections in the lungs. I had surgery, but there was no evidence that it was cancer. The infection in the lungs caused me to have an asthma attack later on.

Daily life became a struggle. In 2012, my right femur implant got damaged.

I had to go again for my implantation, and then again in 2016, I went for another implementation that was much better but a little expensive. But thanks to my doctor Asish Sir, who supported me a lot, I could get it done.

I tried to get settled in Mumbai. I stayed in Mumbai from 2011 to 2016. I did a small job there and helped a few patients emotionally and mentally as it gave me inner peace and happiness. Every weekend I used to go to Bharat Seva Ashram Sangh and try to make patients and caregivers smile.

Later, my parent's health deteriorated, so I left Mumbai, came to the village, and settled there. Now, I have created the AVINNA..JYOTI Trust Foundation. I do cancer awareness programs. We have made a small team to help people during this COVID-19 period. I feel happy that I managed to help 37 cancer patients as a caregiver during this COVID-19 period.

Life lessons

I learned not to get panicked in challenging situations. Have faith and keep on trying; you will definitely succeed. It gives you happiness when you try to make others happy.

I never restrict myself from doing anything. I never get nervous in difficult situations. I try to do everything I can to help other cancer patients.

Parting Message

Don't get scared; face the situation. Take help from organizations. Stay positive and try to keep going. There are people to help you, so don't worry about anything. Try to help other people because it will make you happy.

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