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Anjali Gadoya (Breast Cancer Survivor) Think Positively

Anjali Gadoya (Breast Cancer Survivor) Think Positively

How it started

I am 59 years old. I detected breast cancer in 2015. The symptoms were back pain & shoulder pain. I went to the doctor, he gave me some medicine. One day, I found a lump on my breast. Then I went to my family doctor where he suggested I should go for a biopsy. The reports showed that I am cancer-positive. It was a painful time. The period was really bad. I went for a mastectomy. The reports came after 15 days & the doctor said to go for Chemotherapy. I researched about chemo & got to know about it. 


We have our own flat & good business but we were not financially well enough to go ahead with the breast cancer treatment. So, we went to the trustee for financial support. But nobody helped me. Then my husband sold the property in the village & went ahead with the breast cancer treatment. The doctor removed my breast in the surgery. I went for my first chemo. My best friend Sujatha was always with me for all my chemo sessions. In the beginning, it used to cause pain but then I knew I had to fight with it. In this way, I finished my six chemos. Then I got to know about radiation. I was scared. When I went to the doctor, he saw my reports & told me that radiation is not needed. I was relieved. I just had to go for follow-ups.


I started following my dreams. After recovering, I joined dance groups & learned Belly Dance, Pole Dance & Folk Dance. I also learned swimming. I am a happy & satisfied person because I have a good family, doctor, and friends. All my reports were normal. Last Thursday, my diabetes was 375 for the first time. I went to my doctor. I don't consume sugar but it happened because of stress. The doctor gave me a medicine. Then my friend told me to go again for the test & this time it was 170 in just 4 days. I applied for Mrs. India in Delhi. There were 46 other contestants with me who were more pretty & beautiful but I won the competition & was shocked. Now I am going for Mrs. Maharashtra; It has been postponed right now because of the corona. I got Nari Samman Award in March this year from all over 108 ladies. I am into acting too. I have also done a play Baap Re Bapuji; it's a Hindi play. In the Covid time, I started Solo Acting. I got three awards in Solo Acting. I have also won an award in a talent show in Delhi. I am just left with skydiving. I have got a State Level Award in Folk Dance.


Think positively & decide that you have to do this. This too shall pass. Cancer taught me how to live, what to eat & how to deal with people. Cancer taught me what life is. I fought with breast cancer, cancer didnt fight with me. I cut off contact with negative people. We have become financially so strong now that we help people financially. 


For the one who is fighting 

Think positively. Whatever problem you have; has a solution on its own. Now even the government is helping people who have financial problems. Don't fear Cancer. Just take care of your health & food during treatment. Don't keep on changing your doctor. Stick to just one treatment from the beginning. Don't listen to other people's advice. Trust doctors & follow them because they know what exactly they have to do. Be happy & enjoy the moment.

For survivor

Follow your passion. Do what you want to do. Dont listen to the bad comments of people. Listen to good advice. Exercise daily for a healthy body. 

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