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Zubair (Stomach Cancer Caregiver)

Zubair (Stomach Cancer Caregiver)

Zubair was a caregiver. His sister had stomach cancer at the age of 21. One day she felt some pain in her stomach and thought that it was normal gastric pain but then after getting it checked the doctor asked us to go to a better hospital in Mumbai. Me, my father and my sister went to Mumbai for further check-up and biopsy to be done. We did not inform my mother so she would not be stressed. My sister was very positive. She knew that she would recover soon. We started chemotherapy.

I was in college and was completing my masters. I used to attend my classes in between as it was not possible for 3 people to travel to Mumbai because it was quite an expensive task. When my sister returned home after her 1st chemo, we told our mother about her disease and she was quite depressed. But my sister was so cheerful that my mother was relieved. My sister was a very positive soul. She used to encourage people in hospital to get chemo done and educated them not to get scared of cancer.

After her treatment got over we went for regular checkups and found out that she had cancer again. This time my sister was also depressed but she did not lose hope. She was ready for another fight. After her treatment everyone was happy because she was recovering. She used to dance, sing and even started going to attend classes once or twice a week, and then one day she expired because of a heart attack.

I would suggest that no one should lose hope. One should live his/her life to the fullest and embrace each day as there is no tomorrow.

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