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Yashwant Keni (Breast Cancer): Cancer Treatment Is Possible

Yashwant Keni (Breast Cancer): Cancer Treatment Is Possible

Early Detection and Access to Doctors:

My mother was diagnosed with a breast lump in 2011. Thankfully, an early-stageBreast Cancerdetection helped us save her. She has always lived in Mumbai, and the city offered us great options for treatment. Since some of the bestCancer Treatmenthospitals in the country are located here, we did not face any issues deciding where to go for help. Though many cancer fighters do not have such easy access to medical facilities, we were blessed to find the right doctors at the right time. You would be surprised to learn of the miraculous recovery!

A Stitch in Time, Saved Mom:

The doctors were notably helpful and patiently guided us through the recovery process. From the first blood sample collection to a secure surgery, the experts did it all. One of the best pieces of advice that the doctors gave us was to get herSurgerydone as soon as possible. Since it was the initial phase, my mother did not need Chemotherapyor radiation treatment. A delay could have pushed her in that direction, but the medical staff ensured she was saved from the painful and stressful treatment procedures. The left breast was removed via operation, and my mother recovered on medication.

TheBreast Cancer Treatmentprocess was not complicated at all. All we had to undergo was Surgery, and that would solve everything. We were surprised at the efficiency and swiftness with which everything was done. The blood sample reports reached us within a week, and the hospital treatment was over in around 21 days. Many people find it hard to believe thatCancer Treatmentis indeed possible in such a short span. But we give all our regards to those who helped us during the tough times.

A Diet-Centric Approach:

We did not opt for an alternative treatment because we trusted the doctors thoroughly. Since it was the early stage, the ball was in our court. Though several people discussed the possibility of switching to an Ayurvedic healing process, we followed the medical experts. However, I would like to point out that my mother received a diet that cancer specialists prescribed. What you eat directly impacts your body's cells and recovery. Thus, it is vital to have a balanced and nutrition-rich diet. Everyone, irrespective of whether they are fighting cancer or not, must note that changes in diet can help you fight any disease.

The Chronicles of a Septuagenarian:

She is seventy years old, but her strength and zeal for life are commendable. The doctors have advised us to go for a yearly checkup to ensure no relapse or complications. Thankfully, everything is smooth right now, and we are forever indebted to the Almighty for helping us during our difficult days.

Initially, when my mother discovered her cancer, she was undoubtedly upset and slipped into a slightDepression. Though the sadness did not stop her from fighting it bravely, she felt disappointed about why it happened to her when she was not inclined to smoke or drink or any of those ill habits. All of us felt herPainand shared it. We did not want to reach the stage where she would need chemo, so we hurried and acted fast. Today, she works for herself and others around her. Significantly, her work has distracted her from her ordeal, and life seems to be back to how it was!

The Glacier of Inspiration:

We look up to her for inspiration. My father died at a very young age, so we are all that my mother has. Every family member was very supportive and did not let us feel that there was any disruption in their daily activities. Be it my uncles, aunts, siblings, or my wife, we were all there for one another whenever needed. Here, I want to highlight that luck also has a crucial role in determining who recovers. There may be cases where even early detection is not cured or when someone from the last stage may also be back. We have been fortunate, and it might also be the well-wishes of all the local ladies that my mother helps.

My mother is a working lady who is very passionate about what she does. She is excellent in compassion, and this reflects in her social activities. She is an inspiration for our family members and the local ladies who work in the nearby market. My mother ensures that no one can take away their rights.

Parting Message:

My message to all cancer fighters and survivors would be to look after themselves thoroughly. I have often seen patients not taking precautions or adequately caring for themselves because they depend entirely on medical treatment. I feel it is a grave mistake to avoid personal care and hygiene. Urban life is marked by high pollution and exposure to daily dirt and dust. These affect our bodies adversely, leading to problems and illnesses. SinceChemotherapyanyway strips the body of any strength or energy, a lack of protection from infection can worsen things.

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