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Vimmy Dawar (Breast Cancer) Fight Cancer With Hope

No Symptoms and A Random Body Checkup

I didn’t experience any breast cancer symptoms earlier. I took good care of myself and I was perfectly fine. I went for a random body checkup which turned out to be Breast Cancer. I then underwent surgery in which one of my  breasts was removed. All this happened in a week’s time.

Immediate Treatment Of Breast Cancer

After one month of operation. I had to undergo six chemo cycles, which went on for 6 months. The chemo phase was physically and mentally very challenging for me. I lost all my hair during the chemo and it was a very painful phase. I couldn’t eat anything spicy at all due to Chemo as my taste buds were quite affected during that time. After Chemo, Radiation was done.

My Support System

Meditation really helped me during that journey. It gave me a lot of willpower and to maintain a healthy life. Currently, I counsel for meditation and work for cancer patients. I work with an organisation in which I meet patients with Lymphedema and help with the treatment. I also provide basic healthy foods and some financial support as well. In Lymphedema, lymph nodes on hands get swollen. It occurs after breast cancer

Now, I go for a regular checkup every 6 months. For the patients I’d say that they should look at the positive side and mentally tough. Optimistic mindset is important to fight and overcome the disease.

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