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Vibhu (Breast Cancer): Family Members Need To Be Strong

Vibhu (Breast Cancer): Family Members Need To Be Strong

We are a joint family from Rajkot, Gujarat. We have had a history of cancer in our family. My unmarried aunt had been showing symptoms for a couple of years, but none of us could identify them.


In 2008, there was a pimple around her breast. We chided it away as a normal one. Initially, we went to a gynecologist who misdiagnosed it. She attributed it to some skin allergy. After that, the doctor suggested homeopathic medicines for six months. By then, cancer had slowly and steadily reached the third stage.

When the symptoms refused to die, we went to an oncologist, he broke the news about cancer and that was in the third stage. We were told that the patient has about three months in her hand. We went into a chronic state of Depression right after that.

Family Support:

Since my aunt did not want to get admitted, we set up a room for her in our house. Our family stood like a strong pillar with her. After several rounds of discussions with onco-counselors, she decided against Chemotherapy because the chance of survival was very less. She wanted to spend the remaining three months amongst near and dear ones. Thus, we opted out of all operations and surgeries after experts from Ahmedabad reiterated that we had limited time in hand.

Alternate Method:

We tried Ayurvedic treatment too. In Gujarat, there is a village called Gadu where cancer patients flock from places all over the world. We combined their Ayurvedic medicines with the existing allopathic ones. Nurses used to come for daily injections, and we applied a paste made using an Ayurvedic formula .


We were unable to diagnose her issue on time. Had cancer been detected in the initial stages, she would still be with us today. The homeopathic doctor prescribed medicines without even meeting my aunt. I feel that this played a major role in delaying her treatment.

Parting Message:

Family members need to be strong. In dealing with these types of diseases, family members should refrain from freaking out and realize that it will only add to the woes of the patient. They should spend as much time as possible with the patients. As the cancer progresses, increase your love and laughter proportionally towards them; this will make their journey a bit easier.

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