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Vibha Rani (Breast Cancer Survivor) Don’t Compare Your Journey with Others

Vibha Rani (Breast Cancer Survivor) Don’t Compare Your Journey with Others

Dont compare your journey with others

I am a writer, singer and a film-theatre actor. As an author, I have written over 30 books and more than 20 plays. I have acted in plays too and a stage performer as well. 

My Cancer Healing Journey: 

My journey was a journey of 6 years. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in October 2013. I found out that there was a lump in my right breast. It was very painful. It got operated on in November 2013. The same lump was benign in 1997. 

The lump was growing. There was no pain. The moment we talk about breasts people say you go to a Gynaecologist. I went to Chennai Apollo hospital. They also informed me that there was nothing to worry about. 

I went to Mumbai, and I was informed by a hospital to visit an Oncologist. I made an appointment and I met him. The Mammography and sonography confirmed my diagnosis. It was November 2009, when I got an operation. The operation was fine. 

I have lost family members due to cancer. I was the fourth family member who was diagnosed with breast cancer. I didnt cry and decided I wont die. I also decided not to question my destiny or fate. 

I decided to take things as they come. This was the new normal. The nurses used to get happy when they used to see me for Chemotherapy

The doctor informed me that 8-9 months will be taken to cure Breast cancer. I was a very active person. I started making videos and reels on Instagram and on YouTube. I read and wrote a lot. In 2019, I wrote another volume and I gave the proceedings of the books to curing cancer.  This was a small service that I could do. I felt satisfied. 

I converted my room to a theatre. I started inviting people for plays. I wrote an autobiography too. People used to enjoy my plays. 

I have started counselling and I like to share my learning experiences with people. 

Societys Beliefs: 

Society believes that an individual dies, once they get cancer. People dont like to talk about cancer and hide it. Breasts are considered to be the most beautiful part of our body. It  is just another part of our body. There are these masculine and patriarchal thoughts like women are not allowed to go into the Kitchen during cancer treatment and their journey.. 

Body shaming is also something which cancer patients go through. 

Dont compare your journey to others. Every body reacts differently to treatments. People must go for Cancer Insurance. Please go for your personal health check-ups.

Dont neglect your body and dont listen to people who think that you will be dying soon. Listen to your doctor and follow the treatment protocol. Always go to a good Doctor. Go to an Oncologist!

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