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Uttam Banerjee (Carcinoma): I Have Always Pushed Myself To Do More

Uttam Banerjee (Carcinoma): I Have Always Pushed Myself To Do More

At 42, I had a career to vie for, a dutiful wife, a five-year-old daughter, and parents. I was making steadfast progress in Sales after working with some leading banks and financial companies in the country. I was constantly pushing myself to 'DO MORE'. With enough money to splurge on an affluent lifestyle, life was pacing towards new heights.

A Screeching Halt:

I was worried about a painless lump on my neck and a white patch on my upper tongue, which wouldn't wade by taking the usual mouth ulcer medicine. Then, I had to consult my local doctor, who asked me to get a biopsy done, which I did, and the report declared that I had Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Bolt from the Blue:

The report shook my head to toe, I felt helpless, and unimaginable thoughts kept coming. After sharing this news with my family, I was determined to fight head-on what was coming my way in the form of health issues, financial hardships, lifestyle, and many more.

Visit to the Hospital:

I approached a renowned hospital in Pune and got clarity on the medical protocol to follow in my case. To begin with, a tongue Surgery was performed where a portion of my tongue was removed, and a patch from my wrist was slapped on.

Post Surgery:

Post-surgery, I had a tremendous weight loss and found out that I didn't look the same as I had, with cuts, marks, and stitches all around my neck and face, which was disturbing. Post this, I was asked to take Chemotherapy for five cycles and undergo radiation for 15 days.

Life drops Bombshell:

I was discharged two weeks later and had some time to start the chemo and radiation. But then I got another blow from my partner seeking separation from our marriage with my child. I was trying to return to my earlier life by joining the job again and keeping myself in high condition.

Due to all these family issues, I had delayed my chemo, which was the primary reason why the realization came in October, and this time, it was hitting me hard.

A PET scan and MRI suggested another Surgeryand a larger cycle of Chemotherapy and radiation. It was initiated immediately and started with common effects like running nose, vomiting, and hair fall.

By this time, my employer also felt the pinch of my absence, and on mutual agreement, I resigned. I managed the series of chemotherapy well and was always keeping myself motivated so that I could fight this battle and be a winner.

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