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Sheela Shailesh Kapadia (Oesophageal Cancer Survivor)

Sheela Shailesh Kapadia (Oesophageal Cancer Survivor)

Symptoms and diagnosis

It all started with some irritation in the throat at the beginning of 2021. I was also experiencing cough and was unable to eat. I took all these symptoms very casual and consulted the doctor. Initially, there was a little relief after taking medicine, but later treatment also stopped working. In May 2021, when medicine did not work, the doctor suggested I go for an endoscopy and some other tests. The reports came positive, and I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. 

Tough time for me

I was devastated after receiving this news. I was unable to understand how to deal with this situation. My only son was out of the station at that time. I was taking care of my 93-years-old aunty. I was worried about both of them very much. I thought that something worst would happen to me; who would care for my aunty. All these questions kept revolving on mind my mind all the time.

 Then my niece, who stays in Surat, consoled me that she would arrange for the best doctor for me. I consulted that doctor; he gave me all the information related to cancer and supported me morally. 

Treatment and side effects

My treatment started with chemotherapy. I was given 12 cycles of chemotherapy and 33 round of radiation. As I had lost weight too much, the doctor gave me a light dose of chemotherapy. I had lost weight from 74 kg to 54 kg. I had become fragile and was not able to eat anything. I was given food through a food pipe for two and a half months. 

The treatment gave me horrible side effects. Hair loss was one among them. My throat had changed its color from the outside. It was completely black. I had lost my voice for three weeks.

Losing hopes

At certain times I lost hope. But doctors were very supportive. They used to console me. Three doctors were involved in my treatment, and I am fortunate that all three were very cooperative and gave me mental stress to recover from this risky journey. Doctors told me that there are patients who had only a 5 per cent survival chance, but if they survived, why cannot I survive with a 50 per cent chance.

 These words encouraged me. My treatment continued for six months. After that doctor conducted scanning and some other tests, All the reports came negative. All is well now. I am leading a very normal life now.

Message for others

Cancer is not life; it is a part of life. We should not lose hope once diagnosed with cancer. As it is diagnosed, it will be cured, but we should have positive thinking. Positive thinking and confidence play an essential role in curing cancer. I want to suggest everyone that do not afraid of cancer. Live happily and enjoy your life.

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