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Screening Tests Solution To Avoid Cancer

Cancer is the most dangerous disease in the world. Earlier, there was no treatment available for it. But now, we have many technologies that can cure cancer or reduce the risk of cancer. Cancer also can be avoided by the cancer screening test. The main purpose of the cancer screening is to detect cancer at an earlier stage. It will help to cure a particular type of cancer. There are many cancer screening tests available. This article will give different types of screening test and solutions to avoid cancer.

Types of screenings:

Colorectal cancer: This cancer is caused by the growth of abnormal colon (polyps). The primary screening test for colorectal cancer is colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. This test detects and prevents cancer in the preliminary stage itself. Professionals recommend that in adults, screening of this cancer begins from age 50 to 75.

Lung cancer: Heavy smoking mainly causes lung cancer. The screening test for lung cancer is low dose helical computed tomography. This test detects lung cancer for heavy smokers from age 55 to 74. This test is not a routine screening.

Breast cancer: This cancer is more frequent among women. The screening test for breast cancer is mammography. It is a kind of x-rays used to detect breast cancer. Mammography reduces the death rate of women at the age between 40 and 75 who were affected by this kind of cancer.

Cervical cancer: Pap test and human papillomavirus (HPV) test are two tests to detect and prevent cervical cancer. This testing is recommended until women attain 65 age. These two can be done in combination or alone. Doctors collect the cells from the cervix and test for any abnormalities in this test. This test is recommended after every three years.

Liver cancer: The screening test for liver cancer is the alpha-fetoprotein blood test that is used to detect liver cancer. This test is used and combined with the ultrasound of the liver to identify liver cancer.

Ovarian cancer: For Ovarian cancer, CA-125 test is necessary. It is a kind of blood test. Along with this test, a transvaginal ultrasound is used to detect this type of cancer in women. This testing mostly reduces the risk of ovarian cancer.

Prostate cancer: To detect prostate cancer in men, PSA blood test is done. With this blood test, digital rectal exam is combined and used to detect prostate cancer in men at an earlier stage itself. Most of the experts suggest that it is not a routine test.

Skin cancer: One of the most common type of cancer is skin cancer. A skin test is necessary to diagnose skin cancer. People affected by skin cancer should analyze their skin by experts or professionals. If there is an unexpected change in the skin, such as a newly appeared mole or any change in an already existing mole, people should inform the doctor to avoid the risk of skin cancer.

These are few screening tests available to detect cancer at an earlier stage. Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure for any problem. So one should be aware of all the screening tests to avoid the risk of cancer. So be aware!!!


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