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Sarita Rao (Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Survivor): Be Happy And Positive

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis

I underwent a minor Surgery in 2014 and then came to Delhi. On 31st July 2018, suddenly, I felt some Pain in my hand. We consulted a doctor who asked for some tests. My reports came on 2nd August, and I was diagnosed with stage 3 triple-negative Breast Cancer.

It was too big a shock for us; we cried a lot. Everyone was shocked, even I was in shock for around 10-15 minutes, but then I gathered my strength and decided to fight against it with all my might.

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Treatment

I underwent Surgery for the triple-negative Breast Cancer on 18th December, and my right breast and 40 lymph nodes were removed, one of which was found to be malignant. I also took Chemotherapy sessions.

I had complete faith in Jesus and never had any problem throughout my treatment. While taking chemotherapy, other patients used to see me and tell me how I didn’t look like a patient. I was healthy, walking and strong even while undergoing Chemotherapy sessions.

I followed everything that the doctors told me, and when I spoke about this to other patients, they got inspired and started following the doctor’s advice strictly.

Eventually, my treatment got over. I feel that there was no such Pain for me; it was just during my one Chemotherapy session that I got a wound around my chemo port; otherwise, I didn’t have any issues due to cancer. My treatment is now complete, and I am a proud triple-negative Breast Cancer survivor.

I am healthy now, and doing my work perfectly fine. Even the doctors are pleased and said that if every patient takes treatment this sincerely, then everyone will be cured like me.

Family and Doctor’s Support

I believed in myself, and that gave me strength. My husband and mother were always very positive; they never made me feel like I had cancer. They used to say that nothing has happened to you and you will get better soon. My mother used to give me strength, and my children used to take care of me.

My doctor also helped me a lot and took care of me like one would take care of a flower. I feel the unconditional support of my family and doctor is the reason that I recovered early and am perfectly healed now.

Lifestyle changes

During my Chemotherapy sessions, I used to take proteins and dry fruits a lot. I believe that not eating outside food and taking proper care of your nutrition is essential.

I am taking physiotherapy sessions and also joined Yoga classes, which has changed me a lot. Now I feel that I am much beautiful, happy, and stronger than before the triple-negative Breast Cancer came my way.

Parting Message

People get scared when they see cancer in their reports, but I want to say that, don’t get afraid, doctors are there to treat us. Cancer is nothing; it is a disease just like any other, so be positive and fight with it with all your might.

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