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Sanjay Dutt Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Actor and producer Sanjay Dutt diagnosed with Lung Cancer stage 3. The Bollywood superstar informed on his Twitter handle.

Hi friends, I am taking a short break from work for some medical treatment. My family and friends are with me and I urge my well wishers not to worry or unnecessarily speculate. With your love and good wishes, I will be back soon!

He had already confirmed on 8th August 2020 that he has tested Corona negative. Film trade journalist Kamal Nahta tweeted, Not the new dreaded ‘C’ (coronavirus), it’s the other dreaded ‘C’ (cancer), that Sanjay Dutt has been diagnosed with.

ZenOnco.io expresses sincere wishes for Mr. Dutt’s recovery. We send across good vibes and positive thoughts his way through this channel. Sanjay Dutt has been a role model for so many lives. We understand that this might be a challenging time for the family, but Mr. Dutt is one of the strongest people that the country has known. ZenOnco.io prays for his speedy recuperation.

We are here to accompany all Lung Cancer fighters, and all other cancer saviors, winners, and caregivers through their journey.

Spreading Awareness on Lung Cancer

Today, we have been able to identify that Sanjay Dutt is diagnosed with Lung Cancer. However, there could be so many of our brothers and sisters out there, who are unaware of their health condition. ZenOnco.io intends to spread more awareness on Lung cancer through this platform.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

We recommend you to consult your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms:

  • 2 or 3 weeks of continuous coughing
  • Worsening cough
  • Recurrent chest infections
  • Bloody cough
  • Painful breathing or coughing
  • Chronic breathlessness
  • Too much fatigue or lack of energy
  • Appetite loss
  • Unreasonable weight loss

Other Lung Cancer symptoms that are less common, include:

  • Finger clubbing- This happens if the appearance of your fingers change i.e. increase in their curve or size
  • Dysphagia refers to difficulty in swallowing foods or liquids
  • Wheezing a high-pitched sound while breathing
  • Voice getting hoarser
  • Swelling in face or neck region
  • Continuous pain in chest and/or shoulder

Lung Cancer symptoms need as much awareness. Following are the reasons for developing Lung Cancer.

Lung Cancer Causes

  • Smoking

94% of Lung Cancer cases are due to smoking. A smoker is 24 to 36 times more likely to develop Lung Cancer than a non-smoker. Smoking contributes to 80% of this disease in women and 90% in men.

Facts on pack-years:

  • Smokers having < 15 pack year history had a longer median survival than those with > 15 pack years.
  • Increase in the number of pack years decrease median overall survival.
  • Second-Hand Smoke

Passive smoking is one of the biggest cause of Lung Cancer. Smoking in the passive form increases Lung Cancer risk by 20-30%.

  • Hazardous Substances

Exposure to certain hazardous substances is a potential Lung Cancer risk. Inhaling chemical toxic gases like radon, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, nickel, uranium, and some petroleum products can cause Lung Cancer.

  • Family History

Having a first-degree relative with Lung Cancer increases the chance of contracting the same by double5. There are several other studies that suggest that genetic history plays an influential role in Lung Cancer.

  • Mutations

Any genetic mutation can also cause Lung Cancer. The risk increases if the person is already a smoker or exposed to smoking. Further, exposure to other carcinogens trigger Lung Cancer.

Lung Cancer Treatment in India

Lung Cancer are of two types Small-Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). Below, we have explored the stage wise Small-Cell Lung Cancer treatment options in India

Stage 1 Lung Cancer

If you have Stage 1 Small-Cell Lung Cancer, surgery may be the only treatment required. This can be done by removing the lung lobe containing tumor, or a smaller portion of the lung. This could include some lymph nodes as well. This might be followed by radio or chemo therapy.

Stage 2 Lung Cancer

At this stage of NSCLC, treatment would be typically cancer cell removal by lobectomy (surgery of the lung lobe containing tumor), or resection of the arm. The entire lung may need removal, followed by radiation or chemo.

Stage 3 Lung Cancer

NSCLC stage 3 Lung Cancer treatment would involve a combination of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. It requires the expertise of a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist and a thoracic surgeon.

The treatment choice relies on facts like:

  • Size of the tumor
  • Affected area of lung region
  • Lymph nodes metastasis
  • overall health condition

For further information, we would like to make our readers aware of Immunotherapy, which is sometimes considered if surgery, chemotherapy, or chemoradiation do not suit the patient.

Stage 4 Lung Cancer

In this advanced stage of Lung Cancer, treatment depends on:

  • Metastatis
  • Gene or protein in the cancer cells
  • General health

Stage 4 Lung Cancer NSCLC treatment could involve surgery, chemotherapy, laser therapy, immunotherapy, or radiation. They would help to increase the lifespan of the Lung Cancer fighter.


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